Rising Stars 4.4 - Woolton Primary Blog

Switched on Computing
Unit 4.4
We are HTML Editors
In this Lesson
Learn about the web
View HTML in Web Pages
Make your own web page
Learn to use HTML Tags
What is the internet?
How do we use the internet?
What things do we do?
What’s the difference between the Internet and WWW?
What is a web address?
How do we access web pages?
What does the address mean?
Task: The Hidden Meanings of URL Document
Pupils complete: Find a URL & Explain
What is HTML?
• Open Internet explorer
• Load the school website
• Settings
• F12 developer tools
• Script
• Look at the Code
Write your own Web Page
• How can we write our own web pages?
• https://learn.playto.io/html-css/lesson/0
• Work through lesson 1 & 2
• Use the ‘List of Common HTML Tags’
document to enhance the webpage
Adding a Hyperlink
Lesson 3
Create a link to your favourite websites
Open in a new page to test.
Save your work!