UNIT 1: Exploration & Colonization Study Guide–

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UNIT 1: Exploration & Colonization Study Guide–
Turn in complete on the day of the test (Sept 21-22) for 2 pts extra credit!
Define the terms and be able to answer each of the questions on the back.
I encourage you to study together for the test. Once you take the test, however, you may NOT
discuss any part of it with any other student in another block or class – this is an honor code
violation and may result in all parties receiving a zero on their test
City on a Hill
Covenant Community
Indentured Servants
John Rolfe
John Winthrop
Joint-Stock Company
Jonathan Edwards
Mayflower Compact
Middle Passage
Plantation agriculture
Roger Williams
Starving Time
The Columbian
the Great Awakening
Virginia House of
William Penn
Proclamation of 1763
French & Indian War
Be able to answer the following questions. Note the main ideas here or on a separate page.
Why did the Europeans settle in North America? (3 main reasons)
What were relationships like between the Native Americans and the British, French, and Spanish?
Who got along best with the Native Americans and why?
*What was exchanged on the Columbian Exchange? (review your notes and the chart on p.29)
What was the Europeans’ impact on the Native Americans?
*What were the 3 Different Colonial Regions – (review class notes and charts)
*Know the key ideas for each region and the major colonies (Virginia-Southern; Massachusetts and
Rhode Island – New England; Pennsylvania-Middle)
Who settled the different regions and why?
Different economic situation in the Colonial regions?
Society and politics in the different regions in the Colonies?
Know the geography of the 13 Colonies (you can re-take your quiz as many times as you want to)
How and why was Slavery introduced in the New World and what was its role in the economy of the
What did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening encourage people to do?