Chapter 16: The World Economy Reading Guide

Chapter 16: The World Economy
Reading Guide
1. What new technology was important to the West’s expansion?
2. Why were Portugal and Spain ahead of other European nations at the time in terms of
expansion? Who were the main explorers? Where did they go?
3. What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
4. Which northern European countries began to explore? Where did they set up colonies? What
powers did trading companies have?
5. What was the Columbian exchange? Why are the corn and potato so important in history?
6. How did the west take over some of the global trade?
7. What was the Battle of Lepanto?
8. How did the new international system lead to inequality?
9. Who was not part of the new world economy? Why?
10. Who conquered the Americas (both North and South)? How?
11. Describe the British and French colonies in North America.
12. What values and cultural patterns were set up in the colonies?
13. Where in Asia did the Europeans set up colonial outposts? What types of colonies were these?
14. How did the new system impact Europe?