AP US History Chapter 3 Reading Guide Part A

AP US History
Chapter 3 Reading Guide
Part A
Using the text, answer the following on a separate sheet of paper. Be detailed in your responses.
1. How did colonial culture change from the 1600’s to the 1700’s?
2. What was the original vision for the colony of Georgia? How did that vision change over time?
3. What were the main ideas of the Enlightenment? How were they applied in America?
4. In what ways did the Great Awakening challenge traditional religion in America?
5. How was slavery different in the north compared to the south?
6. In what ways did slaves rebel against their masters?
7. What challenges did slaves face in creating families?
8. Describe the social and economic differences of the five colonial regions.
9. In what ways did population growth impact the lives of individuals living in the colonies?
10. How did the French and Indian War change the physical and political landscape of the colonies?
Part B
Provide a brief definition of each of the following key terms and people.
11. Triangle Trade
12. Enlightenment
13. Great Awakening
14. Benjamin Franklin
15. George Whitefield
16. Middle Passage
17. Treaty of Paris - 1763
18. Proclamation of 1763
Part C
Provide a detailed example from the chapter for each of the 7 APUSH Learning Objectives on a separate sheet of paper.
19. P (Politics and Power)
20. A (America in the World)
21. S (Social and Cultural
22. T (Technology, Work, and Exchange)
23. I (Identity)
24. M (Migration and Settlement)
25. E (Environment and Geography)