AP WORLD HISTORY The West’s First Outreach: Maritime Power

Study Guide: Chapter 16 – The World Economy
The West’s First Outreach: Maritime Power
Define “maritime” (Yes, you need to do it. No, it’s not in the book):
What are 4 disadvantages that faced Western Europeans on the eve of exploration?
New Technology: A Key to Power
3. What were 4 advantages held by Europeans as they began to venture out into the world’s oceans?
Portugal and Spain Lead the Pack
4. What were the 3 motivating factors for Portuguese exploration?
Briefly describe the accomplishments of the following Europeans...
 Prince Henry the Navigator
 Christopher Columbus
 Vasco da Gama
 Ferdinand Magellan
Northern European Expeditions
6. What are 3 reasons that Northern European nations are able to wrest control of the seas from Spain and
What are the rights and privileges of the various “trading companies?” Why do you think they were given
so much freedom from their homelands?
The “Columbian Exchange” of Disease and Food
8. What are the effects of the Columbian Exchange on Native Americans? What are the effects on the
“civilized world”?
The West's Commercial Outreach
9. What steps do Europeans take to increase/ensure their control of oceanic trade routes?
Imbalances in World Trade
10. Redefine “mercantilism” in your own words. Explain why it was considered a beneficial economic model.
A System of International Inequality
11. In what ways are the “dependent” cultures involved in the global economy NOT impacted as negatively as
one might assume at first glance?
How Much World in the World Economy?
12. Describe China's role in the new “world economy”.
13. How does the Japanese approach differ from China's?
The Expansionist Trend
14. What impact does Western trade have on the Mughal Empire? On Eastern Europe?
The Americas: Loosely Controlled Colonies
15. What allowed for the success of European conquerors in Latin America? Be sure to include characteristics
of the Americans that contributed to this success.
British and French North America: Backwater Colonies
16. How does French/English colonization efforts compare with those of the Spanish. Examine both the
process and the outcome.
North America and Western Civilization
17. How do the American colonies preserve the values and traditions of their European forbearers? What are
some unique traits that develop?
Africa and Asia: Coastal Trading Stations
18. Briefly summarize Dutch colonization efforts in Africa and French colonization efforts in Asia.
19. Describe the conflict between the French and British in India. Who prevails? What allowed them to be
Impact on Western Europe
20. Explain the impact of colonialism on European diplomatic relations.
21. What impact does sugar have on society?
The Impact of a New World Order
**No question to answer, but read this section at least 3 times…IT’S IMPORTANT!!
Points to Ponder: (you will submit these questions for grading) – 4 pts each
1) Thoroughly describe the early European exploration of the world.
2) Describe the nature/characteristics of early European settlements.
3) Thoroughly analyze the characteristics and effects of the Columbian Exchange.
4) In what ways were the Atlantic colonies similar to traditional Western
civilization? In what ways were they different?
5) Compare and contrast the characteristics and effects of the Columbian
Exchange with the effects of the Mongol conquest during the Post-Classical