Bell Work Week 4

Vocabulary Bellwork Week 2
Set a Purpose
2. Predict how the cover of the book and the
title connects to the plot.
 1.
barricade (p. 27)noun- a barrier that
protects defenders or blocks a route.
 2. dawdling (p. 35) adj.- wasting time, idling
 3. devious- adj.- secretive and calculating,
not straightforward or honest about motives
 4. fatigue- noun- mental or physical
 5. intently- adv.- showing fixed attention or
full concentration
 6.
peculiar-adj.- unusual, strange, or
 7. subordinates- noun- people of lesser rank
or lower status
 8. devour- verb- to eat something quickly
and hungrily
 9. gruesome- adj.- involving or depicting
death or injury in a disturbing or sickening
 10. insolence (p. 134) noun- rudeness or
Dude, it’s reading time!
Begin your two column journal.
Remember: Use quotation marks in the page
Correct Format: Author’s name (Last, First.)
Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher,
Year of Publication. Source Type.
 The
____________ child hid the fact that he
had eaten the last cookie.
 His mother stred __________ at him as if
trying to read his mind.
 It turned out that he had _____________(ed)
the cookie without thinking about the
 Write
two sentences using the words
dawdling and fatigue. Try to make your
sentences relate.
 1.
 2.
Make a list of three foods that you would devour!
 1.
 2.
 3.
Write out the sentences and identify
 1. A restaurant manager’s subordinates would
be the _______________.
 2. An army general’s subordinates would be
the _________________.
 3. A babysitter’s subordinates would be the
Write out the complete sentence and add the
vocabulary word.
 1. Video games are often criticized for their
____________ depiction of violence and
 2. Isabel describes her sister Ruth as have a
______________, or strange, manner.
 3. The students in the math class were
____________ working on their assignment,
showing total focus.
Isabel has a rational claim to freedom for
herself and her sister Ruth. Using textual
evidence, write a letter to Colonel Regan from
Isabel’s perspective. You will be persuading him
to help her gain her freedom. You also need to
address the counterclaim and then prove that
your claim is more powerful.
 What
are three characteristics of a good
audience member?
 1.
 2.
 3.
 From
the presentations so far, what have you
learned about presenting? Has anyone done
an outstanding job? Write two sentences
describing your observations.