To Kill Mockingbird Vocabulary Chapters 1 & 2

To Kill a
Chapters 1 & 2
I can determine the
meaning of words
and phrases as they
are used in a text.
I can use context as a
clue to the meaning
of a word or phrase.
Mindful of John Wesley’s
strictures on the use of
many words in buying and
selling, Simon made a pile
practicing medicine…
Stricture – a remark or
comment, especially an adverse
criticism: The reviewer made
several strictures upon the
author's style.
All we had was Simon Finch, a furtrapping apothecary from Cornwall
whose piety was exceeded only by his
Apothecary- Noun- A
druggist; a pharmacist
So Simon, having forgotten his teacher’s
dictum on the possession of human
chattels, bought three slaves and with
their aid established a homestead…
Dictim- noun- an authoritative
pronouncement; judicial
assertion. 2. a saying
Chattels – noun- movable
articles of personal property.
2. any article of tangible property
other than land, buildings, and
other things annexed to land.
…she married a taciturn man who spent
most of his time lying in a hammock by the
river wondering if his trot-lines were full.
Taciturn – adj.inclined to silence;
reserved in speech;
reluctant to join in
Malevolent- adj.- wishing evil or harm
to another or others; showing ill will; illdisposed; malicious
The Radleys, welcome anywhere in town, kept
to themselves, a predilection unforgiveable in
Macomb. (p. 11)
Predilection- a
tendency to think
favorably of
something in
Inside the house lived a malevolent
phantom….When people’s azaleas froze in a cold
snap, it was because he breathed on them. (p. 10)
Malevolent- adj.wishing evil or harm
to another or
others; showing ill
will; ill-disposed;
Jem threw open the gate and sped to the side of
the house, slapped it with his palm and ran back
past us, not waiting to see if his foray was
successful. (p. 18)
Foray- noun- a quick
raid, usually for the
purpose of taking
plunder: Vikings made
a foray on the port. 2.
a quick, sudden attack
I am from North Alabama, from Winston County.”
The class murmured apprehensively, should she
prove to harbor her share of the peculiarities
indigenous to that region.
Indigenous- adj.originating in and
characteristic of a
particular region or
country; native .
Usually followed by
to (indigenous to
After a dreary conversation in our living room
one night about his entailment, before Mr.
Cunningham left he said, “ Mr. Finch, I don’t
know when I’ll ever be able to pay you. (p. 27)
Entailment- nounsomething involved
as a necessary part
or consequence of
Entailment was only a part of Mr. Cunningham’s
vexations. The acres not entailed were
mortgaged to the hilt, and the little cash he made
went to interest. (p. 27)
Vexations- noun- the
act of irritating,
annoying or
provoking (Rush
hour traffic is a daily
Thus we came to know Dill as a pocket Merlin,
whose head teamed with eccentric plans, strange
longings, and quaint
fancies. (p. 10)
Eccentric- adj.deviating from the
recognized or
customary character,
practice, norm, etc.;
irregular; erratic;
peculiar; odd
To Kill a
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