Phineas Gage Vocabulary Practice 3

1. Aphasia (55)- noun- lack of language abilities as a result of brain damage.
2. Feeble (50)- adjective- physically or mentally weak
3. Quarrel (50)- noun or verb- an argument between people or to argue vehemently
4. Hypothermia (52)- noun- unusually low body temperature
5. Circulation (53)- noun- the continuous movement of blood through all parts of the body
6. Stroke (55)- noun- a sudden blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain resulting in, e.g. loss of consciousness,
partial loss of movement, or loss of speech.
7. Autopsy (56)- noun- the medical examination of a dead body in order to establish the cause and circumstances of
8. Scoff (57)- verb- to be derisive or scornful
9. Exhume (57)- verb- To remove from a grave; disinter OR To bring to light.
10. Fracture (59)- noun- a bone break or the act of breaking something.
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Phineas Gage Vocabulary Practice 3
Directions: Complete the sentence from the book with the correct vocabulary word.
1. If [Broca’s area] is damaged, you will lose the ability to speak. In medical language, you will have
2. Phineas is in “______________ condition,” his mother says, much changed since she last saw in him in
New Hampshire.
3. Phineas tells his mother that he has no trouble with the farm work, but he soon ____________(s) with the
4. …Dr. JDB Stillman, a local surgeon, removes the skull. The huge ____________ on the forehead is
5. Explaining the importance of her son’s case to science, Dr. Harlow recalls how many ___________(ed) at
Phineas when Dr. Bigelow first presented his case in Boston.
6. Would Mrs. Gage allow her son’s body to be ___________(ed)—dug up—from his grave?
7. It is too late for an ______________, and California is too far for a research visit.
8. Broca notices that in the brains of _____________patients who’d lost the power to speak there is visible
damage in a small area on the outside of the left frontal lobe.
9. The immediate cause of death is ____________________-- his body can’t control its internal temperature.
10. His brain shuts down ___________________to his feet and hands, then his skin, and then organ by organ
until his brain must choose between blood for itself and blood for the heart.
Directions: Match the vocabulary word with the correct synonym.
11. __________________:jeer
12. __________________:fight
13. __________________:weak
14. __________________:crack
15. __________________:movement
Directions: Use the following vocabulary words in sentences. Make sure to show your understanding!
16. Aphasia________________________________________________________________________________
17. Hypothermia____________________________________________________________________________
18. Exhume________________________________________________________________________________
19. Feeble_________________________________________________________________________________
20. Scoff___________________________________________________________________________________