Week 6 spelling words

Spelling and Vocabulary Words
Week: September 15th-19th
1. brush
2. brushes
3. dress
4. dresses
5. candy
6. candies
7. fox
8. foxes
9. wish
10. wishes
11. story
12. stories
13. family
14. families
15. there
16. their
17. favorite
18. think
19. United States
Monday-Write spelling words 5 times
each; Fluency passage; Read AR book
Tuesday- Choose 10 words and write a
complete sentence for each. Fluency
Passage; Read AR books
Wednesday- Fluency passage, study,
Read AR books
Thursday- Fluency passage and
QUESTIONS, Study, read AR book
Friday- DOL Test, Spelling Test,
Vocabulary Test
Vocabulary Words:
1. Noun- person, place, thing or idea
2. Concrete Noun- Names a noun that can be seen, touched, tasted, or heard
Example: dog, toast, car, friend
3. Abstract Noun- Names a noun that describes a feeling or thought
Example: friendship, love, joy
4. Verb- An action word; anything you can do
5. Singular Noun- names one person, place, or thing.
6. Plural Noun- names more than one person, place, or thing.