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Phineas Gage
Vocabulary 2
Monday, March 31
O 1. Bacteria (11)- noun- single celled, microscopic life
forms, often parasitic
2. Microscope (11)- noun- a device that uses a lens to
produce a greatly magnified image of an object.
3. Immune system (13)- noun- a system of biological
structures and processes within an organism that
protects against disease.
4. Antibiotic (13)- noun- a naturally produced agent that
destroys bacteria, used as a medication, but it has no
effect on viruses
5. Portrait (23)- noun- picture of a person
Tuesday, April 1
O 6. Anesthesia (24)- medically induced insensitivity to
pain, may render a patient unconscious or merely numb
a body part.
7. Specimen (24)- something (such as an animal or
plant) collected as an example of a particular kind of
8. fermentation- noun- chemical conversion into simpler
substances, involving the breakdown of carbohydrates
by microorganisms.
9. Retroactive (67)- adjective- applying to the past
10. Freak show (43)- noun- an exhibition of biological
rarities, referred to as "freaks of nature," typical features
would be physically unusual humans.
Wednesday, April 2
O Write out each sentence and then insert the
correct vocabulary word.
1. Many pharmaceuticals are produced by
2. I am looking for a particular _______ for my
butterfly collection.
3. The _____________ allowed the students
in science lab to view bacteria on slides.
Thursday, April 3
O Draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of
the following vocabulary words.
O 1. bacteria
O 2. anesthesia
O 3. portrait
Friday, April 4
O Write out each sentence and then insert the
correct vocabulary word.
O 1. The bearded woman might have been a
typical ____________ exhibit during the 19th
O 2. Overuse of antibiotics may weaken your
body’s ______________________.
O 3. The new salary change will be
__________ for those hired shortly before.