Week Six Vocabulary

Week Six
 1.
arsonist (p. 197) noun- a person who is
setting fires
 2.
silhouette (5) noun- an outline of
somebody or something filled in with black
or a dark color on a light background,
 3. bleak (248)- adj.- unwelcoming,
providing little comfort, shelter, or
 4. untimely (256)- adverb- coming at a
wrong or bad time
 5. smolder (262)-verb- burn slowly with
smoke but no flame
 6.
coverlet (262)-noun- a bedspread,
typically less than floor-length
 7. kindling (268)- noun- easily combustible
small sticks or twigs used for starting a fire
 8. insensible (294)- adj.- without one's
mental faculties, typically a result of
violence or sickness; unconscious
 9. rouse (295)-verb- bring out of sleep;
awaken OR to cause to feel angry or excited.
 10. falter (297)- verb- to start to lose
strength or momentum; move unsteadily or
in a way that shows lack of confidence.
 Write
out the synonyms and complete the set
with the correct vocabulary word.
 Dreary, uninviting, desolate, ________
 Ill-timed, inopportune, Inconvenient,
 Seethe, burn, fume, _______________
Write out the sentences and complete them
with the correct vocabulary words.
1. The ____________ makes the room look
more decorated and less _____________.
2. I used damp wood for the _____________
so that it would _______________ instead
of b