Bell Work week 12

The Outsiders
Vocabulary and Grammar Bellwork
Week One
Every Day Week of Monday, March
Dude, it’s reading time!
Begin your two column journal.
Remember: Use quotation marks in the page
Correct Format: Author’s name (Last, First.) Title
of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of
Publication. Source Type.
Monday, March 21
connotation- noun- an additional sense or senses
associated with or suggested by a word or phrase.
2. bleak- adj.- unwelcoming or providing little comfort or
nonchalant- adj.- indifferent or calm and unconcerned
about things.
4. gingerly- adv.- very cautiously, in a wary or tentative way
rueful- adj.- regretful, feeling or showing regret
6. savvy- noun- shrewdness and practical knowledge
Monday, March 21
conform- verb- to behave or think in a socially acceptable or
expected way
sage (Not the herb!)- noun- a wise person, especially an older
person with good judgment
bawl- verb- to shout loudly or cry very loudly and energetically
10. unfathomable- adj.- impossible to measure or impossible to
11. roguishly- adj.- dishonest or without principles in manner
12. appositive phrase- noun- a word or phrase that describes or
redefines a noun in a sentence.
Tuesday March 22
Write out the sentence and circle the context clues that show the
vocabulary word’s meaning.
1. The news that my well laid plans did not work was almost
2. The TV villain roguishly sneered and gave a devilish laugh.
3. The description “plus-size” has a more positive connotation
than other words that could be deemed insulting.
Wednesday, March 23
Write out the complete sentence. Then, underline the
appositive phrase in the sentences.
• 1. The connotation, or implied meaning, was clear.
• 2. The weather, rain and sleet, looked rather bleak.
• 3. Reggie, a sensitive child, frequently bawled when he
didn’t get his way.
Thursday, March 24
Write out the sentences and insert an appositive phrase noun that
best describes the subject.
1. The wise sage, ________________, is who I wish I could go to
for advice.
2. My friend, _________________ ,is someone I consider very
3. ___________________, an independent spirit, is my friend
who is least likely to conform to anyone else’s expectations.
Pre-AP: We will combine this week’s words with next week’s on
the quiz. Turn in BW today, and I will give it back on Monday.