Bell Work Week 3

Bellwork Vocabulary Week One
Dude, it’s reading time!
Begin your two column journal.
Remember: Use quotation marks and the page number.
Correct Format: Author’s name (Last, First.) Title of
Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of
 1.
kin (p. 4) noun- a person’s relatives
 2. blockade (p. 10) noun- an action to
prevent people or goods from entering or
leaving a place.
 3. prone (p. 14) adj- having a tendency
toward something
 4. proprietor (p. 15) noun- the owner of a
 5. indentured (p. 17) adj.- bound by a
contract, obligated, enslaved
 6.
sovereign (p. 19) noun- a monarch, such as
a king or queen
 7. procure (p. 20) verb- to get by the use of
special means
 8. vexing (p. 37) adj.- annoying
 9. impudent (p. 23) adj.- rude, or showing a
lack of respect
 10. brackish (p. 24) adj.- slightly salty
Draw a picture to show the meaning of the words1. sovereign
2. proprietor
Word Association: List two words that connect
with the following vocabulary words.
1. kin, ________________, ______________
2. blockade ______________, ______________
Write out the sentence and circle the vocabulary.
Underline any context clues that give the word meaning.
3. I am prone to believe his claim because the
factual information he included was very
4. You are prone to find an EpiPen in my purse, for
I always carry one in case of allergy emergencies.
Write out the complete sentences and add in
the correct vocabulary word.
1. Servants who worked without pay for seven
years before gaining their freedom were
2. I need to find a way to ______________
enough money to pay my library fines!
3. The ______________ boy asked rude
questions that were way too prying.
1. What is one thing that you would love to
procure? I would love to _________.
2. What is one thing that you find vexing?
________ is vexing __it just is______.
Write out the sets of synonyms and then add the
corresponding vocabulary word.
3. Family, relatives, ancestors: _________
4. Barrier, barricade, defense: _________
5. Rude, bold, disrespectful: ___________