Specialist, Web Communications (SOM/DHS)

Item 8.A-January 10, 2014
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Incumbent(s) Name (if applicable):
Position #(s):
Current Title:
Current Range:
Department: Marketing and Communications
College/Division: School of Medicine
/Division of Health Sciences
Account #(s): 1201-119-5028 (40%); 00GJ-G30-0058 (60%)
Action Proposed: (check all that apply)
(X) New position: Proposed Range: 2
Proposed Title: Specialist, Web Communications (School of Medicine)
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( ) Proposed Reassignment from Range
to Range
( ) Revised PDQ only (no change in range or title)
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( ) Line of Progression (show titles below)
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Immediate Supervisor’s Signature
Thomas L. Schwenk, MD
VP, Division of Health Sciences / Dean, School of Medicine
Approved for Salary Placement Committee review.
Pres / Vice Pres / Vice Prov Signature Stacy Burton, PhD
Vice Provost and Secretary of University
Action Approved by the Provost/President (Completed by Faculty HR):
67497 Range:
Pos #(s):
Eff: 1/1/2014
Approved Title: Specialist, Web Communications (School of Medicine)
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Rev: 10/1/2012
Position Description: Specialist, Web Communications (UNSOM)
Page 2
1. Summary Statement: State the major function(s) of the position and its role in the
university. Attach an organizational chart with positions, ranges, and names for the division
which reflects the position in it as well as those supervised in the department. (This section is
used for advertisement of the position.)
The Specialist, Web Communications, is responsible for various types of marketing-based writing,
including writing for the Web, social media, video, promotional materials, advertisement and other
persuasive writing. The position assists with web publishing, project coordination duties, and serves
as a marketing liaison to the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) and the overall
Division of Health Sciences (DHS). The position reports to the Director of Marketing and
Communications within the Division of Health Sciences.
2. List the major responsibilities, including percentage of time devoted to each. Provide
enough detail to enable a person outside the department to understand the job (percentage
first with heading and then bulleted information).
65% - Marketing-Based Writing
 Write and edit compelling content, headlines and calls to action for the School of Medicine and
overall Division of Health Sciences websites and print publications
 Write scripts for web-based, advertising and marketing videos
 Write advertising copy for print, television and display advertising
 Conduct background research and interviews with pertinent on-campus subject experts
15% Web Publishing
 Edit and publish content on news and events websites and social media outlets
 Work within a content management system to write, edit and publish information on the Web
10% - Project Coordination
 Participate in collaborative creative and strategic discussions
 Shepherd projects to completion by working with team members to maintain creative direction
of the final product
 Interact with clients to ensure that their needs are met and that the project benefits the School
of Medicine and Division of Health Sciences as a whole
10% - Marketing Education and Outreach
 Use social media to keep internal and external markets informed about college efforts and
 Produce white papers and presentations educating unit about best practices and trends in
higher education digital marketing
3. Describe the level of freedom to take action and make decisions with or without
supervision and how the results of the work performed impact the department, division and/or
the university as a whole.
Level of Freedom:
While the School’s specific goals and strategies are set by team leadership, the Specialist is free to
make independent decisions regarding formatting, presentation and other editorial decisions within
the standards and guidelines of the University.
Position Description: Specialist, Web Communications (UNSOM)
Page 3
Decisions and performance by the Specialist may adversely affect budgets, deadlines and
relationships with UNSOM and University constituents. Decisions have an impact on the public’s
perception of the University and UNSOM.
4. Describe the knowledge, skills (to include cognitive requirement and verbal and written
communication), and abilities (to include task complexity, problem solving, creativity and
innovation) essential to successful performance of this job (in bullet format).
Knowledge of:
 Journalistic writing, including Associated Press style
 Marketing-based writing techniques
 Web-based marketing
 Medical issues and audiences
 Higher education issues and audiences
 Social media marketing
 Organizational branding principles and practices
 Website design and development principles and practices
 Knowledge of HTML/CSS and other web technologies desirable, but not required.
 Proficiency in use of a personal computer and current software applications including but not
limited to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and email) and social
marketing concepts and other electronic technologies
 Use of appropriate social media platforms for priority markets
 Basic use of Adobe Creative Suite applications
 Effective English/grammar usage
 Excellent verbal and written communication in order to write purposely and persuasively
 Organizational and time management
Ability to:
 Break down complex concepts into understandable ones
 Write for a specific demographic audience
 Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information
 Maintain professional business and work ethics and standards
 Work and interact with a diverse population
 Manage, prioritize, and complete multiple projects/tasks in an efficient and timely manner while
maintaining focus on organizational goals
5. Describe the type of personal contacts encountered in performing the duties of the job.
Explain the nature and purpose of these contacts: i.e., to provide services, to resolve
problems, to negotiate.
Department/College colleagues
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Faculty
Academic Faculty
Integrated Marketing
Reason for Contact
To execute projects
To gather information, seek input
To gather information, seek input, gain approval
To gather information, seek input, gain approval
To collaborate and coordinate on projects and web site
construction per University guidelines
Position Description: Specialist, Web Communications (UNSOM)
Page 4
Information Technology
To collaborate and coordinate on projects and server architecture
per University guidelines
Reason for Contact
6. Indicate the minimum qualifications which are necessary in filling this position should it
become vacant. Please keep in mind the duties/responsibilities of the position rather than the
qualifications of the incumbent.
Minimum educational level, including appropriate field, if any.
Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution
Minimum type and amount of work experience, in addition to the above required
education necessary for a person entering this position.
Bachelor’s Degree and two years, or a Master’s or Doctorate and one year, of
experience in marketing-based writing
Preferred Licenses or Certifications: None
Indicate any license or certificate required for this position.