Atom Lab Extra Credit Who Am I?

Atom Lab
Extra Credit
Who Am I?
1. _______________________ I discovered the electron. I proposed
that tiny negative charges were held in a positive cloud much like bits
of plum in plum pudding.
2. _______________________ I was the early Greek philosopher who
first proposed that all materials were made of atoms. I gave atoms
their Greek name – atomos.
3. _______________________ I was the first to propose that electrons
orbited the nucleus where the positive charge was located.
4. _______________________ I was an English scientist who first
proposed that each chemical element had its own atoms that differed
from each other in mass (weight).
5. _______________________ I discovered radioactivity.
6. _______________________ I found that electrons orbit the nucleus in
fixed energy levels. I discovered that energy was given off when
electron “fell” from a higher energy level to a lower one.
Draw and label an isotope of lithium.