Meeting of the Multicultural and Diversity Committee Minutes

Meeting of the Multicultural and Diversity Committee
Friday May 15, 2015, 3:00 PM
Members Present: Deanna Herrera-Thomas, Kristy Carlsen, Jacqui Cain, Sean Herrera-Thomas
Members Absent: Dana Maher, David Bazard,
1. Call to Order: Deanna Herrera Thomas called the meeting to order at 3:10 PM
2. Introductions and Public Comment: There were none
3. Approve May, 1 2015 Minutes: On a motion by Sean Herrera-Thomas and seconded by Kristy
Carlsen, the minutes were approved as written.
4. Action Items: There were none
5. Discussion Items: Deanna Herrera-Thomas
5.1Fall planning discussion began with events that dovetail with the Multicultural Heritage
Calendar. Jacqui Caen stated that the planning for events should begin at the beginning of fall
semester for Black History Month. This was agreed upon by all present however, there were
other events to be planned that required attention as well according to Kristy Carlsen and
supported by Sean Herrera-Thomas. The events included screening the Hunting Ground to raise
awareness of sexual assault against college women which Sean Herrera-Thomas looked into.
This event would cost the college 400.00 to show the film. Kristy Carlsen furthered that she was
interested in working on a community event for Latino Heritage Month based upon a film
depicting the experiences of migrant workers. It was determined that these events will be
discussed at the first Sept. 4th meeting of the MDC. In addition Deanna Herrera-Thomas revisited the notion of hosting a reception for Multicultural and Diversity Award recipients and
their nominators. It was agreed by all to revisit this immediately upon reconvening in the Fall.
Jacqui Caen strongly supported the notion of including nominators to reward them for
furthering the names of those deserving of the award. Kristy Carlsen stated that choosing an
awardee was very difficult this year but that it was very positive to receive so many
5.2Deanna Herrera-Thomas summarized the activities of the MDC over the past year and
provided materials that described this work. This document was provided to the EEOCAC and
the senate co-presidents so they were aware of what was being provided to the EEOCAC. All
committee members agreed that this document should be provided to the full Academic Senate
to make the work of the MDC more visible. Sean Herrera-Thomas noted that the MDC work is
often viewed as secondary to other committees that focus less on broad issues and more on
specific documents, policies and procedures. Deanna Herrera-Thomas agreed and Kristy Carlsen
and Jacqui Caen wholeheartedly agreed. Deanna Herrera-Thomas stated that the MDC has been
intimately involved in developing policy and plans that support underrepresented students, but
the nature of the committee work is often disregarded or dismissed as being peripheral to the
work of the Academic Senate. TLU’s were once provided to the Chair of the MDC and were
eliminated (Deanna Herrera-Thomas) while expectations of the committee have grown. Deanna
Herrera-Thomas noted that Philip Mancus worked diligently to make the committee’s work
more visible.
5.3Deanna Herrera-Thomas reported that the MDC would be receiving a call to write the Area E
description after the ASPC completed their first draft which was assigned early in the academic
year. This was not forthcoming. It is unknown what the status is of the definition.
Sean Herrera-Thomas reported on the Curriculum Committee’s approval of the reactivation
of English 353 and English 153, courses designed to support multi-lingual students, and his
understanding of the reasons for retaining the credit-bearing courses in ESL (there was an
initial suggestion to inactivate the ESL courses upon approving ENGL 353/153. Deanna
Herrera-Thomas stated that the prefix of ESOL vs. English was important because different
pedagogies are used and to provide an ESOL course cloaked as an English course did not
make much sense. Kristy Carlsen also provided her expertise by explaining the differences
between ESOL, English and Foreign Languages. The resolution at Curriculum Committee was
to retain the English course as an English course designed to support multi-lingual students
while leaving the ESOL specific courses intact.
6.1 Dave Bazard was not present to provide his report of the Dean’s Council report.
7. Announcements and Open Forum
8. Meeting Ad course designed to support multi-lingual students while leaving the ESOL
specific courses intact Adjourned 5:00 PM