Minutes Oct. 16, 2015 1. Call to order 3:15

Oct. 16, 2015
1. Call to order 3:15
2.Minuteswere unanimously approved of October 16th 2015.
3. Introductions and Public Comment:
3.1Kristy Carlsen reported that 34 participants attended La Cosecha for Hispanic Heritage Month and it
was a very successful evening!
3.2Dana Maher reported that students from her Race and Ethnicity class were inspired by the film she
showed called, “Black Power Mix Tape 1967-1975” and are putting on a free screening on Oct. 28th of
the film. 6:15-9pm at HU110. Snacks will be provided. The event is sponsored by CR Sociology and MBSS
Division. Students and employees are welcome.
Action Items:
4.1 Approve Bylaws as submitted
A motion was made to approve the Bylaws and this was recounted in order to make changes to the
Bylaws (see supporting documents).
Deanna Herrera-Thomas wondered why “copresidents” is not written as co-presidents and that this
should be corrected. Dave Bazard and Sean Herrera-Thomas stated that consistency is more critical than
correcting the spelling and hyphen usage if other documents refer to the co-presidents in the same
incorrect manner. All agreed that “presidents” is a better term to use and the chair Deanna HerreraThomas was encouraged to bring this suggestion forward.
Once edits were made by Sean Herrera-Thomas, Dave Bazard, Deanna Herrera-Thomas, Kristy Carlsen
and Dana Maher a motion was made to approve the bylaws by Kristy Carlsen and second by Dana Maher
and all voted unanimously to approve them.
The item changed by the committee was listed as #8 under Membership and # 6 under Duties and
Purposes. The first change:
8. At least one community member who shall serve as nonvoting, ex-officio member. At the option of
the Multicultural and Diversity Committee Chair up to two three additional members may be added to
the committee from the college community, classified staff and or student body.
The second change:
6. To assist in the development of strategies to create a campus community environment that
demonstrate inclusiveness as a District value.
Bylaws were so approved.
Discussion Itemes
Area E was discussed. The final draft of the document was not included in the Senate Packet and
senators discussed the amended version that Deanna Herrera-Thomas provided them at the meeting.
The only questions were related to the use of the term “material resources” out of a lack of
understanding of what that term meant. Sean Herrera-Thomas said that he did not understand what the
lack of understanding was about and had heard the questions being raised at Senate. Dave Bazard
stated that he had been thinking that the term referred to material resource allocations based on
economic conditions or even where communities are situated geographically. Sean Herrera-Thomas
further stated that the term relates more to material conditions in a broader sense and how those shape
identity. Dana Maher concurred that this is an important concept but that maybe it is discipline specific.
Sean Herrera-Thomas then stated that the other areas bring up no concerns even though their
descriptions are more obscure and are ambiguous which is difficult at times for the curriculum
committee when making determinations as to whether or not specific course outlines meet criteria for
the Area. Dave Bazard stated that it is worthwhile to speak with the ASPC about this.
5.2 Deanna Herera-Thomas announced that the EEOAC will be meeting and urged committee members
to consider recommendations.
5.3 Deanna Herrera-Thomas floated the idea of a collaboration for Women’s History Month with a
month long series of films, discussions and events. This was motivated by Sean Herrera-Thomas and Ahn
Fielding’s collaboration on “The Hunting Ground” and Kerry Mayer’s subsequent offer to collaborate
with S&BSS on a showing and discussion of “Tough Guise”. Further English Dept. collaboration could be
made with Susan Nordloff who has shared her ideas at English Department meetings.
6. Reports: None
7. Announcements/Open Forum: None
8. Adjournment