Error correction and punctuation C version

ESOL E2 Pre-Intermediate
Error correction and punctuation C version
1. Add capitals and apostrophes.
2. Change the verbs so they are correct.
 Don’t add or take-away any words.
sarah is a woman who live in manchester. she
be a teacher in a primary school. she enjoy
her job because she like teach young
children. she usually wake up at 6 oclock and
she like have toast for breakfast. she not
like drink coffee because it give her a
headache. she drive her car to work because
she not like get the bus.
in her free time she like do many things. on
wednesday she see her friends. they like
watch movies and eat popcorn. on friday she
like go to the gym and do aerobics. at the
weekend she like go shopping. she usually
buy a lot of things but she not like spend a
lot of money. on sunday evening she like
order pizza and relax in front of the
Paul McGuinness ESOL ILT 2005 version 14/10/05