tes: MDC Friday February 5, 2016 Members Present:


No tes: MDC Friday February 5, 2016

Members Present:

Quang-Minh Pham, Kristy Carlsen, Deanna Herrera –Thomas, Jacqui Cain, Shannon

Sullivan, Dave Bazard, Christopher Callahan, Katie Sharp.


Call To Order , Deanna Herrera Thomas 3:30pm


Introductions and Public Comment: Christopher Callahan is introduced as a new member. Katie Sharp is sitting in as a member of the public, but will determine if she is interested and has the time available to serve on the committee. Several committee members suggest that there be an appointed note taker who is NOT a committee member.


Approve Minutes: Minutes Approved: Jacqui Cain moved, Kristy Carlsen seconded.


No Action Items



5.1: SEP - The Diversity Coordinator position is coming soon! Committee members should announce this position to any interested parties. Position closes on February 12. What kinds of items should be included in the annual plan from an MDC perspective? We want to see transparent procedures for applying for diversity related funds. Will the equity director serve on our committee? The MDC is considering making a recommendation about which model will be used for acquiring equity funds for activities. Check the SEP for target populations when developing proposal ideas.


Women’s History Month Event Planning We’re planning on screening The

Hunting Ground , and discussed some of the challenges that need to be addressed as far as panelists and outreach before, during, and after the film.

We need to have someone from Rape Crisis; a marriage and family therapist; and potentially a scientist from HSU. Kerry Meyer is considering filming the

Tough Guise II in tandem with The Hunting Ground . Kristy and Deanna have ideas for several other films that might be screened soon (February). March is really booked. Tough Guise II is suggested to show the first week of March,

The Hunting Ground is suggested for the second week. Kristy won’t be able to help because she’ll be working on the film festival. Sean Herrera-Thomas will contact Keith Snow-Flamer regarding funding provided from HR. Sean’s working to find a room for The Hunting Ground , Kerry will find a room for

Tough Guise II . The Film Arab American is being considered for an April



Book of the Year Sponsorship: Kevin Powers is coming to the CR Theatre for a presentation. Jaqui is seeking volunteers to welcome visitors and help with crowd control before, during and after the show, which is Thursday night

February 25 th . Jaqui also informed us that Echoes of War , a multimedia production, is coming to CR on Thursday March 24 th . The Book of the Year

committee is seeking matching funds from the MDC of $500. We all support this plan, and want to be included on the poster for the event. On aside, would Cindy Hooper’s basket project might be something that the MDC formally supports. A discussion item on the agenda for next time should be

Cindy’s basket project. Deanna will invite Cindy to the next meeting.


The representation structure on the executive committee has changed.

Committee reviewed the changes.


The MDC bylaws of the MDC have also changed. We now have the ability to appoint an additional student or community member to the committee.

Review the duties and purposes. Deanna will be looking into the tenure of the MDC committee.


Review approved Area E courses for examples. Consider updating curriculum count for Area E. Discussion took place about the logistics of incorporating multicultural content across the board in a course, versus in a “unit”. There are enrollment incentives in incorporating diversity related themes in classes.

All students need to take an Area E course.


Diversity Posters are here! We’re making a plan to hang them up. Jaqui will cover humanities, Dave will handle Science, Shannon and Deanna will work on

CA. Christopher will hang some in Del Norte. We need them in the LRC, Light

Center, Academic Support Center, the Health Center, and the Cafeteria. Jaqui will hang in the non-academic student centers listed above.


Announcements: SARTCO agreement for associate faculty serving on committees. Deanna is looking into whether or not Senate Committee stipends are available and which ones.