Multicultural and Diversity Committee Friday April 1 Minutes

Multicultural and Diversity Committee
Friday April 1st
Members present, Dana Maher, Dave Bazard, Deanna Herrera-Thomas, Sean Herrera-Thomas,
Christopher Callahan, Jacqui Caen and Kristey Carlsen. Members absent: Shannon Sullivan
Liam represented for ASCR and Quan Ming Pham attended, ASCR President, Keith Snow-Flamer also
attended to represent for HR.
Call to order at 3:10
Introductions and Public Comment: None
Approval of Minutes for March 4, some small editorial changes and minutes were approved.
Action Items: None
Discussion Items:
5.1 The Hunting Ground Planning: Sean Herrera-Thomas
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events (no long Women’s History Month). April 13 is
scheduled for the showing of Tough Guise II followed by a discussion in HU 129. This event is
organized in conjunction with the speech and communications discipline. The Hunting Ground is
scheduled for April. 27th and rooms are being located. Sean Herrera-Thomas has been organizing
this event and has procured the rights to the film and educational materials. Deanna HerreraThomas will facilitate discussion with Sean Herrera-Thomas after the film. Liam offered to
promote the events in the ASCR newsletter.
5.2 EEOAC meeting scheduling: 4/10/2016: Deanna Herrera-Thomas
Dave Bazard offered that based on his experience on selection committee’s for full-time faculty
that additional training should be provided to engender diversity sensitivity and mentioned an
example of how the interviewers are prompted to respond to teaching demo’s from their own
personal perspectives while evaluating interviewees on subjective criterion, that could be very
subjective, such as “Did you find the lecture engaging?”. Dave furthered that a 56 year old male
might find a lecture engaging and this might not reflect what someone from a different
demographic would find interesting. Deanna Herrera-Thomas agreed with this idea, noting that
communication styles and preferences vary by culture and hiring should be less about who
faculty find likeable and more about qualifications. Dana Maher furthered that when hiring
practices are not standardized the process becomes vulnerable to legal EEO problems, since
different applicants are treated differently across the various disciplines. Deanna HerreraThomas stated that non-standardized methods in hiring and procedures related to advancement
are problematic. Dave Bazard, reiterated that more training should transpire and that the MDC
should be given a role in helping to define questions and interviewing procedures in a manner
that keeps the committee within 10 plus 1 parameters. Sean Herrera-Thomas and Kristey
Carlsen strongly agreed with this suggestion. Overall the committee was in agreement that
more trainings should be provided as well as consultations between HR and the MDC.
These are two specific recommendations that Deanna Herrera-Thomas will bring to the EEOAC.
Sean Herrera-Thomas stated that the questions should be targeted specifically to determine
how and if candidates “connect with” diverse populations.
Additional recommendations include providing clear signage with maps for gender neutral
restrooms and to provide clean private nursing stations for students. Liam mentioned that this is
a concern for many students. Deanna Herrera-Thomas agreed to bring the recommendation to
the EEOAC.
Another recommendation included providing proper gender pronoun usage in syllabi and in job
announcements (Dana Maher, Kristey Carlsen, Dave Bazard, and Sean Herrera-Thomas all
agreed in the importance of this).
a) Training specific to hiring committee’s
b) Consultation between MDC and HR to work towards more balanced diversity friendly
hiring procedures.
c) Clean and private nursing stations with clear signage and maps.
d) Define signage conditions for gender neutral restrooms with clear maps.
e) Clear procedures for providing training and multicultural events.
5.3 MDC Membership and Chair Duties:
Members continuing; Sean Herrera-Thomas, Deanna Herrera-Thomas (sabbatical in Fall of
2016), Dana Maher, Kristey Carlsen, Christopher Callahan, Dave Bazard, Shannon Sullivan
(not present) and Sean Herrera-Thomas. Jacqui Caen will no longer serve. Deanna HerreraThomas will continue Chair duties in the spring as no one offered to take her place.
It was discussed that the MDC procedures include nominating individuals to serve as
representatives on the EEOAC and for Chairing the MDC and those names are furthered to
the Senate Co-Presidents.
6. Reports
6.1 No movements noted on the Multicultural Center for Faculty and ASCR Multicultural Center
pending discussions after elections are finalized.
6.2Multicultural Heritage Calendar has been updated by MDC chair Deanna Herrera-Thomas.
7. Announcements/Open Forum
7.1 Kristy Carlson stated that the Latino Film Festival was a success and that film screenings
provided next year, including, “Arab American”. Funding has been secured through SEP
7.2 Jacqui Caen continues to support the Roses from Concrete event in the fall of 2017.