Classroom Information There will be lots of information to come at

Classroom Information
There will be lots of information to come at
Curriculum Night Wednesday, September 10th at 5:00
but I wanted to give you just some bits of helpful
information in the meantime.
It was hot today!
You may pack a water bottle with your child if you would like
during these hot summer days. Of course they may use the
drinking fountain but I know how much I like to have a water
bottle nearby after being outside on a hot day. I do ask that
the bottles are just filled with water though so we don’t have
any sticky messes.
Since a school day can get long for your child, we will be having
a class snack time. We do not go to lunch until 11:55, so we
have our snack time during the morning. If your child chooses
to bring a snack, I just ask that it is simple and nutritious. It
shouldn’t take much more than 5 minutes to eat. Graham
crackers, fruit, pretzels, or dry cereals are some good options.
Please no cookies or cakes. Water bottles are great but please
no juice boxes.
Take Home Folders
Your child should have a take home folder in their bag. They
know this is their responsibility now. They have a mailbox here
at school to put the folder in each day. They also know they
should be checking and delivering papers to me if needed.
Hopefully this helps the students gain responsibility and helps
you stay informed. I will do lots of emailing this year as well.
Please turn in the All About Me form as soon as possible so I
can get parent emails entered and ready!
The students will be in Physical Education, Art, Music and
Library classes this year. I will be sending a calendar this week
but until then…
Thursday, August 21st is A DAY-Physical Education(Wear your
tennis shoes!)
Friday, August 22nd is B DAY - Library
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