October 26-30

Weekly Newsletter
October 26- October 30
Classroom News
Please remember to check your child’s green folder
nightly and their homework folder! Also, talking has
become an issue in the classroom! Please talk to your
child about talking throughout the day in the
classroom! Thanks!
What we are learning
Important Dates to Remember
October 27: Quarter Ends
October 30- Teacher Workday- No
November 2-6: Conferences
November 5- Report Cards
November 11- No School
November 25-27- No School
Other Information
Math: I can count all, count on and count back from 10.
Reading: Read Who works Here? Authors purpose
Writing: Stellaluna writing.
Science/Social Studies: Moon Phases.
Snack reminder
Items needed: Black Expo
I am in need of a parent to come
in on Monday and Tuesdays to
help with a math group from8:008:30! Please let me know if you
are available!
Monday: Itzel
Tuesday: Sarah
Wednesday: Brady
Enhancements This Week….
Thursday: Jamilelee
Monday- Art/Science Lab
Friday: No School.
Tuesday- Music
Please bring in a healthy snack for the class! We
have 22 students!
Wednesday- PE
Thursday- Media
Friday- Mo School
Spelling words this week
Letterland Unit 8: me, hi, my, she no, I, he, why, shy,
go, many, there, zoo. Sentences: Why did so many
kids go to the zoo? He and she can go there .
Spelling Test on Friday!
Contact Information
Mrs. Russell
[email protected]