ENG 10R- Midterm Review Sheet
Your midterm will be administered on Wed., Jan. 27: 8:30 AM. You will have two hours to complete the
100-point exam. Be sure to bring a #2 pencil to record answers on the Scantron provided. Room
assignments will be provided as they become available.
The format is as follows:
Part I- Vocabulary
(see words below)
multiple-choice questions
All 40 terms contained in Units 1 and 2 of the class workbook and the words below:
1. Discern- verb- to see clearly, to recognize
2. Correlation- noun- a relationship or connection between two or more things.
3. Mundane- adjective- dull, ordinary, lacking excitement
4. Euphemism- noun- indirect or mild expression used to replace words and phrases that are considered
harsh or unpleasant
5. Sovereign- adjective- possessing supreme or ultimate power
Also – noun- a supreme ruler or monarch
6. Delineate- verb- to describe, develop, or portray something clearly
Also- to indicate the exact position of a border or boundary
7. Satire- noun--the use of irony, sarcasm, or exaggeration to make a pointed statement about life or
Also- any literary work or film that makes use of such irony, sarcasm, or exaggeration
8. Digress- verb- to stray from the main subject temporarily in speech or in writing
9. Exemplify- verb- to show or illustrate by example; to serve as an example of
10. Ambiguous- adjective- having more than one possible meaning; not expressed clearly
11. Allegory- noun- a literary or visual work that uses symbolic figures, actions, or objects to make a
larger point about life
12. Camaraderie- noun- a feeling of friendship, trust, or goodwill among members of a group
13. Pragmatic- adjective- concentrating on practical results, logic, and facts rather than opinion and
14. Vitality- noun- the state of being physically and mentally strong; the power giving life or energy to
15. Principled- adjective- honorable; acting in accordance with morality and sound recognition of right
and wrong
16. Yuletide- noun- the Christmas season; Christmastime
Also- adjective- of or relating to Christmas
17. Epiphany- noun- a moment of sudden and profound understanding
It also refers to the celebration of the Three Kings visiting the Baby Jesus. January 6 is known as the
Feast of the Epiphany.
18. Indifferent- adjective- having no particular interest or sympathy, unconcerned
Part II- Literature
multiple-choice questions on Macbeth and A Christmas Carol
Key plot points, characters and all literary terms from posted class notes
Recognition of literary terms such as allusion, illusion, irony, Shakespearean conventions such as
tragedy, soliloquy, monologues, asides, hyperbole, simile, foreshadowing, personification,
paradox, plot diagram terms (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, climax, denouement,
resolution, catastrophe), cliché, catharsis, epiphany, etc…
Part III- Reading Comprehension
Read passages/poems and answer questions on plot development,/analysis, themes
Part IV- Reading & Writing for Literary Response
multiple-choice questions
multiple-choice and essay writing
Recognition of literary terms, reading and annotating of a selected text, outlining and crafting an
original, multi-paragraph essay based on this text