vocal cords

C3L1 Respiratory System
Function of system is to carry gases btwn outside air & blood
-MUCUS: sticky, thick fluid that traps dust, germs, & other things in the
air. Many parts of the respiratory system are coated with mucus
-SINUSES: cavities to either side of the nose that warm & moisten air
-LARYNX: contains vocal cords
-VOCAL CORDS: 2 structures stretching across the larynx. When you
breathe, vocal cords vibrate & this makes the sound of your voice.
-TRACHEA: tube that carries air from larynx to lungs
-BRONCHI: where trachea branches into 2 tubes that go into lungs
-BRONCHIOLES: bronchi that branch into smaller & smaller tubes
-ALVEOLI: air sacs/tiny thin walled pouches. It is where oxygen enters
the blood & carbon dioxide leaves blood. Web of capillaries enclose it
-DIAPHRAGM: dome shaped muscle that forms the bottom of chest
How you breathe
-inhale: diaphragm contracts, moves down; rib cage moves up & out to
make more room in chest
-exhale: diaphragm & rib cage relax, push air out of lungs
Respiratory & Circulatory Systems work together
1. respiratory system gets oxygen to alveoli
2. blood picks up oxygen, carries to cells
3. alveoli perform 2 tasks at once - oxygen leaves lungs & enters
blood;carbon dioxide leaves blood & enters lungs