respiratory system

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Pages 565-572
Respiratory System
1. What are two functions of the respiratory system?
2. What is respiration?
3. List 3 products of respiration.
4. What organ systems make respiration possible? Explain what each organ
system does.
5. Draw a flowchart to show the path of air as it travels to the lungs.
6. What does a sneeze do?
List the function for the parts.
Nostrils –
Nasal cavities –
Mucus –
Cilia –
8. What are the bronchi?
9. What happens in the alveoli?
10. What occurs during the process of gas exchange?
11. Why can lungs absorb a large amount of oxygen?
12. What is the diaphragm?
13. What are the vocal cords?
14. How do the vocal cords create your voice?