Answer Key to page D123

Answer Key to “The Respiratory System” page D123
1. Respiration is the process inside cells where glucose and oxygen have a chemical
reaction that produces energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Breathing is the process
of taking air into and out of the lungs.
2. Two functions of respiratory system:
take oxygen into the body; remove carbon dioxide (and water) from the body
3. nasal passagepharynxlarynxtracheabronchibronchiolesalveoli
4. The respiratory system warms air, moistens air, and filters air before it gets to
the lungs.
5. The gases exchanged are oxygen (which leaves the alveoli and enters the blood)
and carbon dioxide (which leaves the blood and enters the alveoli).
6. The diaphragm and rib muscles contract so you can inhale, and relax so you can
7. Sound is produced when air passes over your vocal cords, making them vibrate.
8. pharynx
9. trachea
10. lung
11. diaphragm
12. vocal cords
13. larynx
14. bronchial tube (or bronchus)
15. alveoli