Respiratory System Review Questions ANSWERS

The Respiratory System Review—Questions and Answers
1. How does respiration differ from breathing?
Respiration is the process inside the cells where glucose is broken down using
oxygen to produce energy. Breathing is the process in which air flows into and
out of the lungs.
2. What are the two functions of the respiratory system?
The respiratory system provides oxygen to the body and eliminates carbon
dioxide and water from the body.
3. Through what structures does air pass to get to the lungs?
nose, pharynx, trachea, bronchi
4. What three ways does the respiratory system modify air before it reaches the
Air is warmed, moistened, and filtered.
5. What gases are exchanged in the respiratory system?
Oxygen moves from the air to the blood, and carbon dioxide moves from the
blood to the air.
6. How do you inhale and exhale?
Contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm and rib muscles causes inhalation
and exhalation.
7. How is the sound of your voice produced?
Sound is produced when air passes over the vocal cords.
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