Miss Leborgne
Starter Activity…
◦ Complete the bingo questions you have been given
◦ You may use your class notes to help you…
Effects of exercise…
◦ Now we have leant about the respiratory system, we need to know about the short
and long term effects of exercise
◦ Short term effects happen almost immediately when you exercise
◦ Long term effects occur as a result of leading a prolonged healthy, active lifestyle
Short term effects…
◦ Breathing rate increases
◦ You breathe more deeply, meaning you take in more air with each breath
◦ If you are doing anaerobic activity (sprinting), your muscles will build up lactic acid
◦ The amount of oxygen you need to get rid of this lactic acid is called an 'oxygen debt'
– it has to be repaid once you stop exercising – this is why you breathe more heavily for
a while after you've finished vigorous exercise
Oxygen debt is the amount of oxygen you need to consume while recovering from
exercise above the normal amount needed at rest
Long term effects…
◦ The muscles around your chest cavity get stronger, so they can make your chest cavity
◦ Having a large chest cavity means you can breathe in more air – so your vital capacity
◦ The larger your lung capacity, the more oxygen you can get into your lungs and enter
your blood stream per breath
◦ This means you have better oxygen supply to the body, which means you should be
able to exercise for longer
Effects of smoking…
◦ Smoking has a very bad effect on the respiratory system
◦ It can lead to lots of different lung diseases like cancer, bronchitis and emphysema
◦ Cigarette smoke contains tar, which clogs up the alveoli and makes it harder for gas
exchange to take place. Eventually the alveoli will collapse and stop working.
◦ Even if the tar is removed, and the alveoli are repaired, they'll never be as efficient as
they were
◦ Cigarette smoke contains an addictive drug called nicotine. Nicotine causes the blood
vessels in the lungs to tighten, which slows blood flow in the lungs and makes gas
exchange less efficient.
My PE Exam…
◦ Watch the above video about the effects of exercise on the respiratory system
◦ For homework – complete both my pe exam quizzes on the respiratory system