Sample Demonstration Speech Outline

Sample Demonstration Speech Outline
A demonstration speech outline starts with an introduction that explains to the audience about what process will be
demonstrated and includes any history or background that is interesting or helpful to the audience.
Title: (This is your topic)
Specific purpose: (To demonstrate how to…)
Thesis: (To show my audience how…)
Introduction – A good opener is imperative to the flow of your speech. Plan this carefully and include the following…
Attention Material: (History of item, product, or process. Interesting, relevant background information.)
Tie to the audience: (Make a connection to your audience; make your topic relevant them.)
Credibility material: (Explain how you are connected with topic; personal anecdotes or vignettes.)
Preview: (Tell your audience what to expect… “I will explain three basic things” … and then provide an appropriate
[Transition to Body: “So, let’s start…” This is where you introduce all of the materials, and tools you will be
Body – The body of a demonstration speech outline can be divided into sections. If you are demonstrating how to make a
craft project, for example, you might have a section on materials, then one containing all the steps, and a final section on
how to care for or display the finished product. The sections become the main points of your speech.
 Materials – discuss significant details
 Steps – this requires skill; remember to keep it conversational, rather than just a rambling list
 Tips/ Fun facts – connections, historical information, trivia attached to item/process
[Transition to Conclusion: “Now that you have seen how to…You can now feel prepared to…”
Conclusion – Ideally, you want your audience to be prepared to repeat the steps of your speech, so you will need to
review with them all that you have discussed.
Review: (“So today I demonstrated the three steps required in...”) Review your steps
Wrap It All Up: (Make the connection to your audience – why it’s important to your audience)
Final Thoughts: (A quote, a humorous anecdote, a word of encouragement)