Demonstration Speech Assignment

Demonstration Speech Assignment
You may do this assignment alone or as pairs. Attached is a packet of information to help you be
successful. Refer to this packet often, as it has all the information. I will be working with cast groups so I
will continue to refer you back to the packet if you have questions.
ONCE you fill out, and turn-in the demonstration outline for your own topic, I will put your name on the
performance calendar. The only way to get credit is to perform the demonstration. Do not delay in
getting your name(s) on the calendar.
The goal of this speech is to demonstrate a task, a process or a technique that your audience could
realistically be expected to do after viewing your speech. Put simply, this is show and tell – you will be
telling and showing how something is made or performed.
Teach your classmates how to effectively complete a task or create something simply by
following your instructions. Avoid speeches that are all talk and no demonstrating (like recipe
recitation). Avoid speeches that are all demonstrating and no talking (folding origami).
Explain and demonstrate all the necessary steps to complete the task or make something.
Have all your materials needed on hand.
Omit no steps at all when instructing your audience. Assume nothing. Imagine that your
audience has to do the same thing, the same way, following the same directions.
You must have visual aids.
This speech should be no less than 3 minutes, no more than 10 minutes. If you do it in pairs,
make sure each of you is speaking equally.
2. Speak extemporaneously off of an outline. A script will get in your way. Winging it would be a
gigantic failure for a 100 point speech assignment.
3. Follow the outline for a demonstration speech structure.
4. Practice delivery so that verbal and nonverbal delivery is smooth.
Use your sample speech outline sheet to organize your Attention Getter, preview, transitions,
filler statement and review. These areas are often forgotten.
2. Consider pre-measuring ingredients and putting them in small baggies or containers.
3. Practice speaking while holding items, demonstrating difficult steps, etc. If you fail to
demonstrate the step effectively, your grade will be reduced.
4. If preparing food for your speech that requires baking time, have an already baked demo model
to show as your final step.
Attached is:
Ideas for demonstration topics
Sample Demonstration Speech Outline
This is a SAMPLE outline for you to follow as you create your own. They are using candle
making as their topic. Obviously you will refer to this sample as you fill out your own.
BLANK Demonstration Speech Outline
You will use this as your guide. You will need to type up the information using the
format shown in the outline.
Three student models of the written portion of a demonstration. You aren’t required to write
the essay, these models are simply to reveal expectations of strong, average, and weak