Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Report

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Report
The past 10 years have seen a boom in the green revolution. There are many ways humans
can have less of an impact on our environment and conserve our natural resources. One way
is to use alternative energy sources. These include solar, geothermal, biomass, tidal, wind,
and many others. For this research paper, you will find information about a specific
alternative energy source of your choice.
There are 2 parts to this project:
1. Write a paper
2. Give a demonstration
The Paper (60 points)
Research and find information about your type of energy. Here are some
questions you should answer:
Explain the alternative energy
o How does it work?
o What does it use as an energy source?
What is the history of the A.E.?
o When was it developed and by who?
How has the technology changed over time?
What are the major benefits of the technology?
What are the major concerns with the technology?
o Costs Vs energy output?
o Pollution from using and manufacturing?
o Is it possible?
o Cost to maintain it?
Is this technology being used somewhere?
o How successful is it?
o Where is it being used?
Other interesting information you found?
The Demonstration (20 points)
Come up with a way to demonstrate how your technology works. This
may be a physical demonstration with a model, or diagram, a video
demonstration, a skit or any other way that you can show the audience
how the technology works. You must have some kind of visual aid to
present to the class.