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Demonstration Speech Handout and Outline The goals of your demonstartion speech should be:     To demonstrate a process and give the audience information (while using visual aids). To show how to do something How something is done How something works I doesn’t matter which prompt you choose, each one will start the same way. Begin your speech writing process by thinking about your interests. You could also do an internet search for ideas. Choose something you know about- it will be easier to demonstrate.

Ask yourself: Which of your choices have enough potential to offer your audience valuable information?

Before deciding on a topic, consider your audience:     Who are they? What are their interests? What do they like? What are their needs? Use the list of demonstrative speech topics to develop your own topics for a demonstrative speech. It can be anything you like. Start with one of these example phrases to set up your idea:       How to make… How to fix… How to use… How to do… How….works How…is produced and/or made Here are a few examples: How:      To bake cookies To tie a tie To change a flat tire To knit a scarf To make a layup

  To make origami To French braid Other examples? _____________________________________________________________________________________


Determine the specific purpose of your speech topics. Sate your purpose in one simple sentence. Example: I want to demonstrate how to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies. Central Idea: Determine the central idea of your demonstration speech text. In other words: a clear demonstration speech topic state. Describe what your demonstration presentation is about and why you want to share it. Example It is important to know how to bake homemade recipes, so people will have the opportunity to buy a unique cookie at bake sales. Then, I will raise more money for Band Club.


Once you have decided on a demonstration speech topic, write an attractive and attention-getting introduction. Use these suggestions to get started:    Tell them what you are going to teach them. Tell them why you choose to demonstrate this topic and/or tell your listeners why they should know how to do it. If appropriate, tell them that they are going to do it themselves and that the only thing your audience needs to do is follow your intructions.


      Present and demonstrate your topic to listeners step by step. Outline each step or your topic- use details! Show activities/steps in a logical, chronological order. Be clear while describing the details. Don’t assume the audience will understand your demonstration speech topic immediately. Conclude each step- Be sure your audience understands each step before continuing with the proceeding steps. Delivery: use a few of these public speaking speech tips for delivering your demonstration speech topics:   Visual aids, actual items, models or drawings, powerpoint, etc. Include personal stories/examples to illustrate your topic.

      Provide each audience member with materials/handouts if appropriate. Insure everyone is participating. Look around your and see if you audience is following you. Ask yourself if someone in the audience has to assist with your demonstration. Close your speech with a memorable summary or with a clear call to action. Ask if there are any questions.


My goal and purpose is: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ My central idea is (think about starting with: My demonstration is important because….): _____________________________________________________________________________________ I will introduce my speech by: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Demonstrative Speech Outline: