Demonstration Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Our class is starting a writing unit on informative writing. During the next few
weeks at school, each student will be writing a three-paragraph essay giving
instructions for something they know how to do or make. The topic he/she
chooses to write about should be something he/she can give clear directions for
so that another person would be able to follow them. (All of the writing for this
essay will be done at school, and students are not allowed to bring notes from
home to help them.)
After students have completed their written directions, they will be giving a
demonstration of their topic in front of class. The demonstration speeches
should be at least 3 minutes but no longer than 5 minutes. The students will be
responsible for bringing in the materials necessary to demonstrate their activity
on the day of the demonstration. As part of the demonstration, each student will
need at least one visual aid. This will probably be a poster showing the
important steps of the activity. Students will be giving the demonstrations
during the week of February 20-24. I will be sending home the specific date for
your child’s demonstration next week.
Please help your son/daughter brainstorm possible topics of things he/she knows
how to do or make. (For examples: crafts, no-bake recipes, hobbies, planting
flowers, stamping cards, games, etc.) He/She should list these ideas on the
attached sheet. Keep in mind that the topics should be something he/she can
write clear instructions for and have the materials needed to give a 3-5 minute
demonstration on. Please sign the bottom of the brainstorming sheet, and your
child will return it to school on Tuesday. (If your child does not have the sheet
on Tuesday, they will already be behind on this project.)
The assistance you give your child in selecting a topic for this assignment is
greatly appreciated by them and me. I look forward to having the students teach
me some new things.
Mr. Nygaard