Welcome to Curriculum Night

Take a moment to tell your neighbor:
• What was the best book you read in
Junior High?
• What was the worst book you read in
Junior High?
• What book should everyone be
required to read? Why?
My Family
Lauren Ring
• Master’s of Education specializing in
Educational Media & Technology
• Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Highly qualified and Arizona certified in
Grades 9-12 English, Middle Grades
Language Arts, Journalism and
K-12 Library Media Specialist
Our Routine
• The Systematic Daily Review marks the start
of most days. The questions are comprised
of grammar, vocabulary, informational text
and literary topics.
• Grammar mini lessons deepen understanding
of the eight parts of speech – Elements of
Language and Write Source textbooks.
• There is a weekly rotation of Holt
Vocabulary and Greek and Latin Roots.
Common Core Standards Adoption by State
What are Common Core
• The Common Core State Standards Initiative
is a state-led effort to establish a shared set
of clear educational standards for English
Language Arts.
8th grade Writing focus
Persuasive – Prompt responses, essay, letter
Expository – Summary or Informative
Functional - Personal and Business Letters
Expressive – Poetry, Personal Narrative, Character
Unit, Portfolio Pages
• Literary Response/ Analysis – Quarterly book
responses, Theme responses to novel, Character
• Research - Project
6 Traits of Quality Writing
Strong Ideas & Content
Good Organization
Smooth sentence fluency
Controlled Grammar and Conventions
Excellent Word Choice
8th grade Reading focus
Novels • Charlotte Doyle
• The Wave
• Lottery Rose
• Monument
• The Giver
• Diary of Anne Frank
• Elements of Literature – short stories,
literary elements
Independent Reading Program
• Students have an individual quarterly
goal (500-1,000 pages)
• The first quarter reading log is due
9/28/11. A literary analysis focusing on
character is due 9/19/11.
• Students should be reading each night,
in addition to homework!
• Library check-out every other Tuesday.
Students should have a book with them
at all times.
How You Can Help!
You are the most influential people in your
child’s life. Your presence is evidence of the
commitment to your child’s success.
• Ask your child to share one part of his or her day
with you… (sweet/sour, highs/lows, best/worst)
• Check the website and online grades
• Let me know when things go “right.”
• Read with your child.
• Look for progress reports 4-5th week.
Contact Information
[email protected] (preferred)
8A Team webpage
8A Language Arts webpage
Thank you for attending
Curriculum Night!
Nine-tenths of education is
-Anatole France