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English 11 Literary Terms

The following is a list of literary terms/elements that you have studied in the past few years of

English class. The first list contains elements and terms that you should already know. If any are hazy or unfamiliar, be sure to look them up. We will use these terms in class, you will see them on quizzes, tests, and they will be required in literary analysis papers.

 Point of view: first person, second person, third person omniscient, third person limited

 Irony: verbal, situational, dramatic

 Conflict: internal and external

 Characters: protagonist/antagonist, stereotyped, dynamic/static, unreliable narrator

 Plot: rising action, climax, falling action, resolution

 Analogy  Foreshadow

 Dialect

 Oxymoron



 Parody

 Theme

 Mood




 Tone

 Metaphor

 Simile

 Flashback

 Hyperbole

The second list of words are terms/elements that you may or may not know. We will go over these in class, and you should expect a quiz over these:

 Cliché

 Connotation

 Denotation

 Ambiguous

 Pun

 Euphemism

 Allusion

 Diction

 Inference/infer

 Implication/imply

 Understatement

 Motif

 Idiom

 Aphorism