Mix & Flow of Matter

Fluids /
Rate of
100 100 100 100 100 100
200 200 200 200 200 200
300 300 300 300 300 300
400 400 400 400 400 400
500 500 500 500 500 500
This process is when solids
become liquids.
What is melting or fusion?
This process is when
liquids change from a
liquid to a gas.
What is Vaporization?
This change of state is
from gas to liquid.
What is condensation?
This unusual change of state
occurs when either solid turns
into its gaseous state or a gas
turns into a solid without
becoming a liquid first.
What is Sublimation?
What is the change of state
when frost forms on windows
on very cold days.
What is Sublimation?
This state of matter has a
definite shape and volume.
Example: a sugar cube
What is a Solid?
This state of matter has no
definite shape or volume.
What is a gas?
This state of matter has a definite
volume but no definite shape.
What is a liquid?
The particles in this matter are
really bonded and cannot flow.
What is a Solid?
The particles in this matter
are incompressible, they can
fllooow and their particles
are not bonded – They slip
by one another.
What is a Liquid ?
Mixtures that look like they
have one set of properties are
What is a homogenous mixture?
A homogeneous solution in which
no settling occurs is sometimes
called a…..
What is a solution?
A Dairy Queen Smartie
Blizzard is considered this
type of mixture.
What is a heterogeneous mixture?
This heterogenous mixture of
salad dressing in which
particles settle slowly is
What is a suspension?
The particles in this
heterogeneous mixture do
NOT settle.
What is a Colloid?
Solubility is represented by
What is g/100g or
The mass of solute that can
dissolve in a given amount of
solvent to form a saturated
solution at a given
temperature is called….
What is Solubility?
You have this type of
solution………When no more
solute will dissolve in a
specific amount of solvent at a
specific temperature.
What is a saturated solution?
These three factors affect the
rate of dissolving….
What is Agitation, Temperature and
Surface Area?
This type of solution is one in
which more of the solute
could dissolve.
What is an unsaturated solution?
Name 5 ways to separate
Magnetism, Floating, Filtration,
Distillation, Fractional Distillation,
Hand picking, Desert Tent….etc.
How does Fractional
Distillation work?
1. Heat up the crude oil, 2.Vapors
enter fractioning tower where it
condenses 3. The liquid
fractions/parts are collected?
These REMAINS are left
behind on the filter paper
after a solution has passed
What is Residue?
What is the Desert Tent used
What is Desalinating Water?
This is the process of
removing water from a
What is dehydration?
This is known as the Universal Solvent
What is WATER?
WHMIS stands for???
What is Workplace Hazardous
Materials Information System?
This symbol represents…
What is Oxidizing Material?
This symbol represents…..
What is Corrosive Material?
The most common form of matter exists
in this state.
What is Plasma?