VOCABULARY Density Mixture Solution Solubility Solute Solvent Physical Change Chemical Change KEY IDEAS *What is matter?
SCIENCE CHAPTER 11 REVIEW MATTER *The difference between solids, liquids and gases.
*The only substance that we can see naturally in all 3 states
*How can we cause change to the mass of an object?
*What we would use a pan balance to measure? How would we us it?
*What the standard unit of mass in the metric system is
*What cubic centimeters are used to measure?
*How we would measure the volume of liquids vs. the volume of solids
*Density: how we know if something is more or less dense than another
*Difference between a mixture and a solution
*Difference between a physical and chemical change: know an example
of each type of change
*Effects of temperature on matter
*Why do we have the Periodic Table? What is it used for?