Biochemistry Part 2

Warm up 10/2:
1. Pass labs toward the center.
2. When is the next Exam?
a. When is the study guide due?
b. When is intervention?
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Part II
Macromolecule Review
 Large carbon molecule chains are called Polymers
 Made up of smaller units called monomers
 Monomers  polymers (macromolecules)
1. Nucleic Acids: Contain C,H,O, N
 Monomer = nucleotide
 Nucleotides: made of 3 basic parts
 Phosphate group
 a sugar
 nitrogen containing base
Contain C, H, O, and N
Monomer= Amino acids
Same basic structure but differ at functional (R) group
20 amino acids
Forms peptide bonds
 Polymer is called a polypeptide.
 Monomer= monosaccharide (simple sugar)
 Made of C, H, and O and easily recognized by ring
structure but no N like in DNA!!
 2 monosaccharides = disaccharide
 3 or more monosaccharides = polysaccharide such
as starch or cellulose
Disaccharide 
3. Carbohydrates
 Function: broken down to provide quick
energy for cells
Example: sugars and starches (pastas,
breads, candy etc)
4. Lipids
 Monomer: Fatty Acids
 Functions
 Store Energy
 Make up cell membranes
 Used to make hormones
4. Lipids
 Made up of C, H, O
 Long and non polar
 Hydrophobic: does not dissolve in water
 Examples: fats, oils, phospholipids, steroids,
waxes, and pigments
 found in mayonnaise, ice cream, hot cheetos