Syllabus - Green Local Schools

Grade Twelve
Mr. Hane
Course: Language Arts 12B
Course Description: Language Arts 12B is designed to reinforce grammar usage in formal
writing and speaking situations, to increase vocabulary, to improve reading comprehension, to
expose students to British literature and to provide skills necessary to discuss, analyze and write
about that literature.
British Literature, Holt
Vocabulary Workshop, level G, Sadlier-Oxford (Through Unit 10)
Several trade books (paperback novels)
Core Works
(* denotes that this work is a required work for ALL students at this grade level)
WORKS (novels, excerpts, poems)
Othello by Shakespeare
Brave New World by Aldus Huxley*
1984 by George Orwell*
Macbeth by Shakespeare*
Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
Prologue to Canterbury Tales by Chaucer
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Paradise Lost by Milton
Pilgrim’s Progress
Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge
The Importance of Being Earnest
Various poems/ poets (British Literature)
Grammar/ Mechanics/ usage Focus
Review previous sequence as needed
ACT/SAT grammar practice
Refine use of punctuation: commas, dashes, semi-colons, colons
Core Writing Assignments
Senior Memory Book (sometimes called “scrapbook”)
o 6-8 writing assignments required
Senior research paper
o 5-7 pages
o MLA formatting and documentation style
Several responses to literature (analytical)
 Vocabulary Workshop, level G (goal for semester is 10 units of 20 words each)
 Vocabulary from literature selections
Research/ Writing Focus
 MLA documentation style
 MLA style outline
 In-text parenthetical citations
 Works Cited
 Properly formatted and documented Graphs/ Charts/ Tables
 Components of a research paper: explanation, research, analysis, findings, conclusion
Guidance Component
Senior Exit Survey
Standardized Test Practice
Practice for reading/ English sections of SAT/ACT
Course Requirements
Students must come to class prepared with writing utensils, paper, textbooks and
Homework assignments are designed for practicing skills or preparing for future class
work. It is essential that students complete all homework on time. If late, it is the
instructor’s option to give credit, partial credit, or no credit.
Grading Scale
Each assignment is given a point value. This is known as the possible points.
Percentages will be converted to letter grades based on the 80/20 policy.
Points may be deducted from all assignments for spelling, grammar, and punctuation
errors and for not following directions.
At Green High School, grades are calculated in all classes based on the 80/20 Policy. As a
result, a student’s grade is divided into 2 categories: Academic Achievement and Academic
 After a student has had sufficient instruction and practice on a topic, it is then reasonable
to judge his/her mastery of the information or skills in the form of academic achievement
assessments. The purpose is to evaluate how well a student has learned the material.
Eighty percent of the total course grade comes from academic achievement and will
consist of tests (oral, written and performance), some quizzes, some homework, writings,
projects or presentations.
 Whenever a student learns new material he or she goes through a time of wrestling with
the material before eventually mastering the information or skills. It is expected that a
student will make some mistakes during this learning process. Work completed during
this learning period is considered academic practice. Twenty percent of the total course
grade comes from academic practice and will consist of some quizzes, homework, first
drafts of writing, teacher questions during instruction, some worksheets, informal
observations or pre-testing.
Retesting Policy: There will be a maximum of 2 retests allowed during the school year.
Retesting will be offered for Grammar Tests only. In order to be eligible for taking a retest, you
must complete a Chapter Review assignment that will be due when you retake the test. All test
retakes must be taken within 2 weeks of the day that graded tests have been returned to the class.
If you retake the test, the grade that you earn on the retake will replace your original test grade.
Cell Phones and other Electronic Devises:
Cell phones and electronic devises are not permitted in this classroom at any time unless special
permission is given.
Students that use an electronic devise without permission will have the devise confiscated and
will be referred to the office.
Make-up work
It is the students’ responsibility to secure any assignments missed due to class absences.
Students are permitted as much time as they have missed to make up work.
Make-up tests and quizzes should be arranged with the teacher.
Any violation of the Green Student Code of Conduct will be dealt with appropriately by
detentions, referral to office, conference with parents, or discussion with students.
Behavior that is deemed unsafe by the teacher will result in the immediate removal of the
student from the classroom. Disciplinary action will be taken at the teacher’s earliest
General Rules
Be in the classroom when the bell rings. No exceptions.
No talking. If you would like to speak, raise your hand.
All homework is due at the BEGINNING of the period. I do not accept late homework.
No eating or drinking in class. You may drink water and chew gum; however, I do not
want to see or hear the gum.
You are responsible for all make-up work.
No sleeping or having your head down in class.
You are here to learn, not to socialize.