Ancient Greece vocab

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Vocabulary: Ancient Greece
Alexander the Great – King of Macedonia, he leads Greece into a new era and way of thinking
Aristocracy – a polis or city-state ruled by nobles
Asia Minor – covers the area of Turkey, the Middle East, portions of the Indus Valley, as well as portions of Africa
Athens – most powerful city-state in all of Greece; practiced a democratic form of government
Council of 500 –Supervised the army, navy, and financial affairs of Athens; men over 30 could serve
Council of Elders –28 men elected after they turned 60 years old
Darius – King of the Persian Empire, he decided to conquer Greece after the Greek city-states in Asia Minor rebelled
against Persia
Delian League – Organized by the Athenians, it is a loose alliance of city-states
Democracy – rule by the people; government in which the people vote and make decisions which are in the best
interest of the general public
Hellenistic Age – Alexander the Great led Macedonia and Greece into a great political and culture age
Homer – Greek Poet who wrote the Illiad
Illiad – Epic poem written by Homer that describes the happenings of the Trojan Wars
Knossos – the most impressive city on the island of Crete; it is also the capital of the Minoans
Macedonians – people from the mountainous country of Macedonia, north of Greece
Minotaur – Half man, half bull, said to live under the palace of Knossos on Crete; he eats his victims
Monarchy – Polis or city-state which is ruled by a king
Pericles – most admired leader of Athens; he brought Athens into the Golden Age with great architecture and increased
Persian Empire – the area of Asia Minor which includes most of the Middle East, Turkey, the Indus Valley, and
portions of Africa. Very powerful and massive
Phalanxes – battle formation, in which heavily armed soldiers carried spears and shields
Oligarchy – Polis run by wealthy merchants and land owners
Polis – Greek city-state where the citizens decide the form of government
Sparta – Greek city-state located on the southern peninsula of Greece; greatest military power in all of Greece
Ten Generals – led the armed forces of Athens
Xerxes – Son of Darius; ruled the Persian Empire; Led the Persians who captured and set fire to Athens