Greece Vocabulary List - Binghamton City Schools

Vocabulary List – Ancient Greece
Mr. Carangelo
Homer - A blind poet who told stories about the Trojan War during the “Dark
Ages” of Greece, when no writing was taking place.
Polis - The basic political unit in ancient Greece. It usually had a fortified hilltop
where business was conducted.
direct democracy - A form of government where citizens rule directly, not through
elected representatives.
Persian Wars - An ongoing series of wars in the 5th century BC where Greek city-states
joined together to fight an army from Asia Minor.
Pericles - The leader of Athens during its Golden Age.
Aristocracy - A state ruled by a land-owning nobility. Rule is hereditary.
Alexander the Great - King of Macedon who conquered Persia, Egypt, and lands as far
away as India. He was a student of Aristotle.
Hellenistic Culture - A blending of Greek, Egyptian, Persian and Indian influences.