Greece Sections 1 and 2 (only 1st part)

Greece Sections 5.1 through 5.4
Review Sheet
Mr. Balazs
Greek Unit TestReview your homework!!! Handouts!!! Notes!!! Powerpoints available on Web.
1. Map- you can use your map, if its not completed you will have problems answering questions,
this is true for all worksheets
a. How did Greece’s geographic location affect its’ development
2. Greek Myth Worksheet and handout on Gods
a. Polis (including how the geography effected the establishment of the polis and how the
polis effected the political and social relationships within the city-state)
b. western civilization
c. agora
d. arête
e. myth
f. epic
g. Mycenaean Civilization
h. Minoan Civilization
i. Dorians (be able to identify the relationship of the Dorians to the Dark Ages
j. Trojan War
k. Olympics
l. Pentathlon
m. Homer- Illiad, Odyessy
n. Troy
o. Pentathlon
p. Archeologist
2000-1200 BCE? ____________________________________
1150?-750BCE? _____________________________________
GREEK GODS- Matching w/description of their respective “responsibilities”
1. The earliest major civilizations in Greece were the __________________ who were
located on the _____________________ and the ___________________ who lived on
_________________________. The first mentioned group was different than the second
2. ___________ were stories that helped people understand the unexplainable, such as
natural phenomena and the struggles of life.
3. Homer was a blind poet who told long heroic poems which are called _________, his
most famous writings were the _______ and the ______________. Most importantly,
Homer helped bring the Greek people out of the dark ages by teaching them to try to
exemplify this Greek character treat called ____________.
4. The Dark Ages in Greece were Dark because little learning took place, primarily
because this group called the _________________ were in power and they couldn’t
________ or _____________. People who can’t ____________ or ______________
are called il_________.
5. Greece became an area of city-states because of these geographic attributes
_________________ and ________________
6. Greece’s warm climate allowed many people to hang out at the mall or marketplace
which in Greece is called the ________________. People who are scared of being in
public places suffer from this ________phobia.
7. The Olympics occurs every _______ years, the first in the year ______ BCE. The most
prominent event in the ancient Olympics was the ________________ which consisted of
_________ events. Athletes at the Olympics possessed the character trait called
_____________ .
8. Heinrich Schliemann was a German Archeologist, which means
Schliemann found that there really was a city of ___________ where the
_________________________ occurred. He could not prove that the story about the
men who snuck into the city in a gifted horse was true.
You should be able to Name and Describe the importance of each of the below
Iron v. Bronze…how did the development of Iron lead to the downfall of the Aristocrats?
Cause of the code of Lycurgus
Cleisthenes- should be able to identify at least one political reform
Solon- should be able to identify at least one political and one economic reform
Changes to the Political and Economic systems made by Cleisthenes and Solon
What was the primary factor that led Spartan Society to become harsher, while Athenian Society
became more democratic
Spartan Society/Education, Government, infanticide and Women's Roles
See handout
Describe how the government was organized: ie. Ephorate, Geroussia, two kings
Athenian Society/Education, Government and Women's Roles
Limits on Athenian Democracy
Should be able to compare Sparta to Athens- How were the different and Why?
Identify the following
Persian War
Battle of Marathon (Persian war I)
Naval Battle at Gulf of Salamis
Battle of Thermopylae (300 Spartans hold off Persians)
Darius the Great
Athenian response to the Persian Attacks
Results of the Persian War
Delian League- collective Security Agreement…all for one and one for all
Long Walls of Athens
Athenian Golden Age--what led to it?
What were Pericles Goals? (should be able to identify 2)
Parthenon- Where did Athens get the money to build it?
Elements of a Tragedy (see Reading---example Catharsis)
Use of Plays/Theatre in Greek Society- Satire
Antigone- Play read in class- What was it about? In what ways was the heroine a tragic hero?
SocratesSocratic Method
Trials of criminals in Greek Society- Was democracy fair in this instance?
Why did Plato write The Republic?
What kind of Government did Plato advise would be best in his book The Republic
Which city-state most resembled the City State that Plato advises in the Republic (hint it had a council
of elders, 2 kings and a smaller 5 person council, it was also Athens greatest rival!)
Peloponnesian War, What was it? What City-States participated in it and what was the result?
Relationship of the plague to the Wall
Art, Identify and describe the following- Know their respective time perid
3 periods of Sculpture
Know what a relief is and how it compares to a free forming sculpture
Architectural Elements of the Temple
Column types, Doric/Ionic and Corinthian
Review Sheet
Chapt 5-4
400- appr. 150 BCE
1. Hellenism
2. Defeat of Athens and Sparta by Philip II
3. Alexander of Macedonia
4. Alexander’s Conquests
5. Division of Alexander’s Empire upon his death
6. Alexandria (Egypt) (include Library and Lighthouse) why Alexandria and what’d they have there!
7. Scientific Discoveries of Alexandria (see homework!!!)
a. Euclid
b. Archimedes
c. Aristarchus