Textbook: pg 100—123

Period 2---Focus: Classical Greece 2-1-1
Read the following pages in the supplemental chapter and then answer the questions below on your own
Textbook: pg 100—123
1. Explain how the geography of the Greek islands and peninsula affected the type of government
that evolved in Ancient Greece. (geography pg 96)
2. Answer the following questions based on the Persian vs Greek wars (pp 105-06):
a) From what area of the world did the Persian Empire come from?
A) Asia
B) Mediterranean C) So. Europe
D) Middle East
b) What Greek ‘area’ rebelled against Persian rule?
A) Athens
B) Thebes
C) Ionia D) Sparta
c) Who won the battle of Marathon?
A) Athens
B) united Greek army C) Ionia D) Thebes
d) Which city-state fought to the last man in the Battle of Thermopylae?
A) Athens
B) united Greek army C) Ionia D) Sparta
3. a) Describe the Parthenon, its function and its ‘look’.
b) What 3 types of columns were sculpted during Greek times? (name and describe all 3)
4. a) In what city-state did democracy eventually take hold?
b) Why is the type of democracy in Athens considered a limited-democracy?
c) Who was Pericles? How many times was he reelected?
d) What ultimately happened to Pericles?
5. a) What is the study of philosophy?
b) Who was Socrates, how did he teach and why was he put on trial?
6. a) Identify the opposing forces in the Peloponnesian Wars and describe One
important turning point in the war.
b) Who won and what was the result on Greek culture because of this win?
7. a) What areas of the world did Alexander the Great conquer?
b)Explain the legacy of Alexander the Great.
Compare the culture of Classical Greece to the Hellenistic Civilization (pg 10813; pg 118—123)
Daily life/cities/economy
Primary Sources: (from the supplemental reading)
1) pg 103: The Lycurgan Reforms -----answer the 2 questions
2) pg 107: Funeral Oration of Pericles---SoapStone
3) pg 114: the Role of the Athenian wife—answer the 2 questions
4) pg 120: A New Autonomy for Women—SoapStone
Map: Use the AP textbook map pg 123 to label the attached map of Greece
Map/ Vocabulary list/ supplemental reading packet all available in classroom.