CP College Algebra Course Expectations

Course Expectations
College Algebra
Mrs. Rivet
[email protected]
978-794-1711 x 50079
Course Overview
A course that builds upon the skills developed in Algebra II. This course provides
a foundation in advanced algebra topics such as:
Polynomial and Polynomial Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Sequences & Series
Textbook(s)/Supplementary Materials
The course is taught from several different books. Supplementary materials will
be used throughout the course to reinforce and provide more practice for the
material being taught. Students will be given all supplemental material for the
If a student would like a book as a reference, it will be provided.
Necessary Materials Provided by Students
3 ring binder divided into 3 sections
loose-leaf paper
scientific calculator and/or graphing calculator
Grading Policy
Students in this course will be graded using a point system. Students accrue
points through quizzes, tests, and projects.
At the end of each trimester, a student’s average will be calculated by dividing
the number of points he/she has earned by the total number of points possible to
be earned.
Homework Policy
Homework will be assigned throughout the year, almost on a daily basis. If time
permits, they will be given an opportunity to complete it in class. Students are
expected to complete all homework assignments that have been assigned.
Attendance/Make-up Information/Extra Help
Students are expected to attend every class. The school attendance policy, as
stated in the student handbook, will be strictly followed.
If a student is tardy for class without a pass or absent from class without a
parental note, there will be no make up privileges. This includes homework,
quizzes, tests, extra-credit. The school make-up work policy, as stated in the
student handbook will be strictly followed.
If a student misses class, it is her/his responsibility to seek out the teacher and
get any missed assignments.
Extra-Help for this course is available in the mornings. If you need to meet after
school, please see me to schedule help.
Class Behavior
Students are expected to behave in class. This includes their interaction with
peers and the teacher. Each student is expected to treat other students and the
teacher with respect, listen while others are talking and restrain from the use of
foul/inappropriate language in the classroom.
All disciplinary guidelines outlined in the student handbook will be strictly
In order to be successful, students must ask questions, seek help when needed,
complete all homework assignments and complete all classwork assignments.
Work should be neat, clear and complete.
Please let me know if you are experiencing any extraordinary circumstances that
will affect your work.
I am here to help you be successful in this class.