Financial Algebra Syllabus (1)

Financial Algebra
Boca Ciega High School
Teacher: Mr. Michael Willey, B.Sc.
Email: [email protected]
Room: 4-308
*email only*
Teacher Objective: As your Financial Algebra teacher, it is my goal to meet
your needs to achieve the high standards needed to be successful in this class
and to prepare you for the next. For this school year, I will prepare lessons
that will help you become successful with this coursework. You will have
daily opportunities to practice the work both inside and outside classroom, and
both individually or collectively.
Course Objective: Financial Algebra is the continued study of algebraic
concepts and procedures in addition to its applications. This course is a bridge
from Algebra I to Algebra II. It is designed to improve students’ procedural
fluency & conceptual understanding with algebraic concepts, develop
financial literacy & develop application senses for high-level mathematical
skills. The website below has helpful information on the standards and
practice problems encountered in this class.
Topics Covered: The contents of Financial Algebra include: building on topics
covered in Algebra I, polynomial, rational, and radical relationships, modeling
with functions, & inferences and conclusion from mathematical results
Materials: To be brought everyday
Pencils, pens, and optional: colored pencils
AVID Binder w/ loose leaf paper
Criteria for Credit:
Complete on required paper (loose leaf or printed document)
Name, date, period in top right hand corner of paper
Write the problem (key points of word problems)
Answers must be boxed or highlighted
Attempt EVERY problem
Check and correct EVERY problem
Show ALL work
Assignments must be completed, in full, at the start of class, by the
Classroom Expectations:
Follow all classroom, school and district rules.
Be prepared for class by being on time with all materials and
Be inclusive in class by working with partner(s), teacher(s), and
Be respectful of self, fellow students, teachers, and all physical
objects by keeping your hands to yourself and having good
mannered conversation
Positive attitude is required while in this classroom.
Be tenacious by not giving up in this class when a problem is
Be empowered to elevate your own learning.
When entering the class follow the start of class procedures.
No electronic devices are allowed during this class. They must be
out of sight.
Verbal Warning
Detention/Student-Teacher Conference/In-Class Consequence
Parent Contact
Referral to Administrator (can be used immediately depending
upon degree of infraction)
Classroom Site:
Students are expected to use FOCUS as a regular means to track their progress
in the class and have outside of classroom communication with the teacher.
Students are also expected to use the Boca Ciega HS lesson plans tab on the
school website. Agendas, assignments, and documents will be uploaded here
on a regular basis.
Grading: The following county grading scale will be used:
90 – 100 A
80 – 89
70 – 79
60 – 69
0 – 59
Grades will be calculated as follows:
1. Assessments: (30%)
Four assessments (two tests [20%] & two quizzes [10%]) will be given each
quarter on topics covered in this class. School board requires all make-up tests
be done upon returning to school after absence. Students are responsible for
scheduling to make up the test with the teacher – before or after school or
during lunch.
Preparing for tests is a continuum process by completing study guides,
reviewing homework and class notes, participating in class activities, asking
questions about unclarified content, and after school tutoring.
2. Assignments/Practice Work: (55%)
Doing assignments is important! It is vital that you attempt the entire
assignment. Assignments will be completed either through whole-class
instruction, collaborative groups, or independently based on decision of
teacher & feedback from students.
3. AVID Binder/Cornell Notes: (15%)
The Boca Ciega High School is now an AVID National Demonstration
school. As such, part of your grade will include a component for completing,
maintaining, and utilizing your student AVID Binder & Cornell Notes.
4. Midterm/Final Exam:
Midterm & Final Exam will count for 25% of the semester grade to their
respective semester. Only one can be exempted for the school year by meeting
the grade & attendance requirements.
Attendance: Attendance is required for academic success. Please be
responsible and use the restroom and go to lockers before school, during
lunch, or during passing time to avoid missing class time. Most days we will
discuss new concepts and/or vocabulary. Also most days you will have
homework. Please be on time to class. Class starts when the bell rings with
the warm-up.
Make-Up Policy: Students will be given an equal number of days absent to
make-up work (classwork, homework etc.) Students are responsible to
check the weekly lesson plans posted on the school website or talk to the
teacher (before or after class) to obtain make-up work. If you are absent
the day an assignment is due, it will be due or made-up the day you return.
Turn in all make-up work to class period basket with date on top.
In accordance to the school board policy, all tests must be made-up upon
return to school.
Desired community materials:
Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Spray, Lotion, Tissues, Pencils, Erasers, Dry
Erase Markers, Batteries, Paper
Classroom Management Disclaimers:
The following list is a list of behaviors that students must be cognizant of
when in Mr. Willey’s classroom:
Abuse of restroom as defined by being out of classroom excessive
in regards to time (minutes) per day or frequency of using restroom
on a daily basis is a disruption to the learning environment due to
new safety protocols necessary for school functions to take place
(i.e. classroom door remaining locked during the school day)
2. Eating in the classroom is strictly-prohibited and students will need
to finish food outside of the classroom if necessary. Closed bottle
drinks are allowed (no cans). H20 is highly preferred.
3. Hostility towards other peers in the classroom will not be tolerated
at all. Using any degrading words or non-verbal cues is
demonstrating hostility even if done in a way that student has
deemed jokingly. Put simply – BE NICE TO EVERYONE.
4. Cell phone usage is to be used in a responsible manner of the
student in order to not hinder learning for said student or peers.
This includes indulging in online media or using phone functions
for inappropriate uses. The teacher will not mediate your behavior
on your personal device. Students will be required to utilize
technology in class (i.e. calculator or for graphing
calculator). Students’ lack of completion of work due to cell phone
usage is a completely student-led decision.
I have read and understand the rules, expectations, policies, and disclaimers
for Mr. Willey’s class.
Students and parents please initial and sign in the appropriate place and turn
into Mr. Willey by requested date.
Failure to stay in accordance with these – with regards to Mr.
Willey’s arbitration – will deem necessary the inclusion of key
stakeholders (i.e. parents & administration) to analyze the
consequence of said behaviors
Student Name (print):
Period: ___________________________
Student Signature:
Date: ____________________________
Parent/Guardian name (print):
Parent/Guardian signature:
Date: ____________________________
Parent/Guardian phone number:
Parent/Guardian e-mail: