Chapter 13 Study Guide


World History Test The Middle Ages

What started the Middle Ages?  The fall of Rome Why did learning decline during this time period?  German invaders couldn’t read and write What is the Feudal system based on?  Mutual obligations – a give and take Who were the Northmen?  Vikings What is a synonym for Serf?  Peasant What is a Fief?  The estate – land given or granted What is a tithe? How much of your income should it be? Who do you give your tithe too?    A church tax 10% The church Who was the Feudal contract usually between?   Higher person – lower person A greater lord – a lesser lord or vassal

How would you define/ Describe a Medieval Serf?     Poor Bound to the land but not a slave Worked for the lord Produced food and other jobs for the lord Define the Medieval Manor.  The lord’s estate and the surrounding lands  A self-sufficient community Describe the tournament.  Dangerous  People could bleed and/or die   Practice for battle Spectator sport What would knights exchange military service for?  land What is a Troubadour?  Poet - musician Who were the lowest ranking members of the clergy?  The priests What is a sacrament?   A religious or Christian ceremony Baptism, weddings, excommunication Define Canon Law.  Church law Define Lay Investiture  The king picks or appoints church officials  Against the law




Explain the steps that lead to the development of Feudalism Describe how feudalism works Why it is important in Medieval society. Feudalism is the social or political structure that developed in the Middle Ages. Feudalism develops starting with the fall of the Roman Empire.  After Rome fell there was no government structure and cities fell apart.  Constant invasion and no political leaders led people to leave the cities    People leave the cities looking for a safe place to live in the rural areas They still need land, a home, and safety (a government structure) in a new location They turn to wealthy landowners for help why – they have extra land, extra money, need workers and have the knights to protect serfs in exchange for their labor  This give and take relationship – the making of agreements to work in exchange for protection and land- is what feudalism is all about and it led to the development of the Manor System