India Review Sheet

World History Study Guide
Chapter 17: The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 17, Section 1: TB 496-499
1. What is the boundary between Europe and Asia?
2. How is the topography of southern Europe different from that of the
Northern European Plain?
3. What kinds of crops do people in southern Europe grow?
4. What kinds of crops do people in northern Europe grow?
5. Why have so many different ways of life developed in Europe?
Chapter 17, Section 2: TB 500-504
1. What are missionaries?
2. Why was Saint Patrick important?
3. How were medieval monks and missionaries different?
4. How did monks influence life outside of the monasteries?
5. How did Charlemagne create a large empire?
6. Which of Charlemagne’s accomplishments do you think had the most
lasting effect? Why?
7. Why did Charlemagne’s empire decline?
8. What damage did the invasions cause?
Chapter 17, Section 3: TB 506-511
1. What is feudalism?
2. How did feudalism affect the people of the middle Ages?
3. What was a manor? Why was it so important to the way people lived?
4. What was life like for people who wanted to and became knights?
5. What responsibilities did the lord have in running his manor?
6. What role did women play in medieval society?
Chapter 17, Section 4: TB 512-515
1. According to the code of chivalry, how were knights required to behave?
2. How were the feudal systems of Europe and Japan similar?
3. What was the main difference between medieval Europeans and
4. How did the subjects of European art and Japanese art differ during the
Middle Ages?
Study Guide Due: Tuesday, April 27th