Middle Ages Take Home Test: Due Monday April 7th DIRECTIONS

Middle Ages Take Home Test: Due Monday April 7th
DIRECTIONS: Choose FIVE of these questions and answer them in a paragraph that is
at least five sentences in length. You will be graded based on how well you support each
one of your answers with evidence, as well as the whether you show a true understanding
of the question. Any answer that looks as though it has been copied directly from the
book or any other source, will be given ZERO!! points. Use the book, just don’t copy
directly from it!
1. Explain how feudalism started in Europe. What led to its creation and why do you
think feudalism was the system that became popular? Explain how the geography of
Europe helped as well.
2. Perhaps the most important factor in the decline of feudalism was the common people
gaining more power. Write about three different events that accomplished this and
explain how each event gave common people more power.
3. Explain the power of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. Why was the
church so powerful after the fall of Rome? How did the Church get so much power
and influence in smaller kingdoms throughout Europe?
4. Was the Black Death necessary in order to end the Middle Ages and begin the
Renaissance? Give at least three different reasons to support your answer.
5. As a peasant, do you think it would have been better to live in a Medieval town or on
a manor? Explain your choice.
6. Pretend you are a knight in medieval Europe. You would like to let future generations
of your family know what life was like on a feudal manor. Write a letter to them
below. Be sure to mention these things: the main groups of people you work with/for,
what each person or group does for the others, what works well in the feudal system
and why, and what doesn’t work well in the feudal system and why.
7. Was there anything positive for the history of Europe that can be drawn from the hate
and intolerance of the Crusades? Give specific reasons to explain your argument.