Ch. 9 Study Guide Student Version

Chapter 9 Early Middle Ages Study Guide
The following information will assist you in preparing for your chapter test. History is a broad topic, and
this study guide will help you focus on the key concepts that will be tested. Start by looking in your notes
for the correct answers. Then, go to your textbook for any you could not find. Ask for clarification from
your teacher if you need it! This assignment is meant to help guide your studies and is graded for
completion on a credit/no credit basis. It is up to you to find the correct information so you can be
successful! If you complete, study, and know the following information, your overall performance on the
test should be high. Do your best and ace the test!
Section 9.1
1. Along what geographical feature did most of Europe’s cities grow?
Section 9.2
2. Know what a monastery is and who lives there.
3. How was Europe divided after the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
4. Which group of invaders attacked Europe during the 700’s and 800’s?
Section 9.3
5. What caused the development of the feudal system?
6. Who was William the Conqueror?
7. How and when did feudalism reach Britain?
8. What is feudalism?
9. What did knights receive for their pledge of loyalty / military service to a lord?
10. What was a vassal’s main duty to his lord?
11. What would happen to a lord who is not faithful to his vassal?
12. What happened after population began to increase in Europe
13. What is a manor?
14. Why did the manor system evolve (change)?
15. From a serf’s point of view, describe the manor system.
16. Who were serfs and what did they do?
17. How was Eleanor of Aquitaine unusual?
Section 9.4
18. How were knights and samurai similar?
19. What did samurai and knights’ codes of honor emphasize?
20. Where did the feudal system last the longest?
21. “Bushido is to Samurai as _____________ is to knights”.
22. Who did a samurai work for and who did a knight work for?