Handout E-11

Global History 9
Exchange & Encounter
Handout E-11’
Answer the following from chapter 13, section 2: Pages 322-326. Answer on separate
1. What was the impact of Viking, Magyar, and Muslim invasions on medieval
2. In the 900s A.D., feudalism had emerged in Europe. Define feudalism. What two
Asian countries also had feudal systems? When?
3. Using the terms lord, vassal, and fief, explain how feudalism was based on mutual
4. Draw a diagram to show the various classes that emerged under feudalism.
5. What does the text mean when it states that “in practice, the feudal system did not
work so simply”?
6. Who were the serfs? How were they different from slaves?
7. Define manor. Explain the relationship between the lord and his serfs. What did
the lord do for the serfs? What obligations did the serfs have?
8. Describe the manor. Explain how they were self-sufficient.
9. What payments did peasants have to make to the lord? What was a tithe?
10. Draw a diagram of a feudal manor. Describe life for the medieval serf.